8 Amazing Dog-Friendly Activities Near Denver, CO

A dog in front of one of Denver's ciyscapes, representing dog-friendly activities in Denver

Your pup is a member of your family, so it makes sense you want to spend as much time with them as possible. Whether you are a Denver local or visiting Denver with your pup, the good news is that there are numerous dog-friendly activities near Denver that you can try out. From dog-friendly shopping to movie watching to kayaking with a dog, there are plenty of fun dog-friendly activities you can do in Denver. 

In this complete guide, Sploot Veterinary Care rounds up a variety of dog-friendly activities near Denver that are worth trying.

What’s in This Guide?

1. Events for Dogs Near Denver

A truly dog-loving community, Denver has various events for dogs happening every year. Many of these events for dogs are free, but some may require a nominal entrance fee. 

Currently, there is no singular resource that curates all of the fun dog friendly events happening in Denver, Colorado. However, when you know what to look for, you can find a variety of fun events to participate in with your furry companion. 

Some of the most common events for dogs near Denver include the following:

a. Dog-Friendly Marathons & Races

Do you have a canine companion that loves to walk or run long distances?  Then dog-friendly walks and runs might be for you. Check out the following:

  • Dumb Friends League - They host an annual event called the Furry Scurry, an invigorating 2-mile dog walk and festival — and the best part is it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds benefit Dumb Friends League’s adoptable dogs and other animals.
  • All-Out - They host regular dog-friendly marathons, both in-person and virtual, of varying distances and themes. Though all of their marathons are dog-friendly, one in particular, called All-Out Dog Days, is specifically tailored for dogs, with water bowls for dogs, wading pools, and treats.  
  • Colorado Runner- They host regular dog-friendly marathons with a variety of themes (e.g. Donut Dash, Cookie Chase). Though dogs are allowed in some of their events, marathons by Colorado Runner are not specifically hosted for dogs and dog parents. Make sure to check each marathon individually to know if dogs are allowed
Note: This May 4, 2024, Sploot Vets is participating in the Furry Scurry as a sponsor. Make sure to visit our sponsor’s row for fun games, FREE personalized keepsakes, and more! Learn more about Furry Scurry here! Stay updated on Sploot’s events by following us on IG (@splootvets) and on Sploot Vets’ EventBrite..

b. Puppy Adoptions

Looking for more adorable canine family members? The good news is that plenty of puppies and dogs are searching for a forever home. By going to puppy adoption events, you can meet like-minded people and interact with puppies up for adoption.

c. Photo Booths & Paint Your Pup

Photo booths and paint your pup events are common types of events for dogs near Denver, These are fun events where dog parents come together and walk away with beautiful keepsakes like pet paintings or high-quality photographs. 

d. Sploot’s Dog-Friendly Holiday Events & More

At Sploot, we host a variety of events for dogs near Denver, including holiday-themed events and ‘paw-ties’, clinic grand openings, puppy adoptions, photo booths, paint your pet events and more.

We love connecting with the community — so we organize fun events throughout the year. In fact, Sploot has been featured on Great Day Colorado for one of our puppy adoption events. Click here to watch the segment!

Note: Celebrate the paw-some-ness of having a canine family member! Follow us on EventBrite and on Instagram (@splootvets) to stay updated on our latest events for dogs near Denver.
A dog participating in Sploot Vets’ event in Denver, a must-try dog-friendly activity in Denver, Colorado

2. Visiting Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Denver

Every now and then, dogs love to run free, play, and socialize with other pups. This is where off-leash dog parks near Denver come in. Whether your dog has plenty of energy to burn or you just want to take your dog off the leash for a while and chat with fellow dog parents, off-leash dog parks are the place to be.

a. Cherry Creek State Park | Off-Leash Dog Park

  • Location: 4201 South Parker Road, Aurora

Take your pup to Cherry Creek State Park for a full day of outdoor fun. This 880-acre park in southeast Denver has over 12 miles of multi-use hiking trails, and many of the trails allow dogs as long as you keep them on a 6-foot leash. 

Your dog can also burn off some energy in the park's off-leash dog area. Inside this 107-acre fenced area, your dog can run and play, and they can even cool off with a refreshing dip in Cherry Creek, which runs through the dog park. 

b. Lowry Dog Park| Off-Leash Dog Park

  • Location: Yosemite Way & E 4th Pl, Denver, CO

The Lowry Dog Park offers a secure, fully fenced off-leash environment where dogs can freely romp and play. It boasts separate zones for large and small dogs, ensuring safe interaction among canines of similar sizes. 

With its mix of sandy and grassy terrain, your furry friend will relish the opportunity to frolic. What sets this Denver park apart is its unique feature: an agility course, providing an added element of fun and exercise for dogs and their owners.

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3. Swimming or Kayaking with a Dog

Do you have a water-loving canine? If so, swimming and kayaking with a dog may be a few dog-friendly activities near Denver that you’d like to try. You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of dog-friendly destinations in Denver where you can swim and/or go kayaking with a dog. 

a. Union Reservoir | Dog Swimming & More

  • Location: 461 County Rd. 26, Longmont, CO

Union Reservoir offers many opportunities for dog-friendly activities near Denver. Aside from being a beautiful outdoor space for hiking, biking, and fishing, Union Reservoir is also a destination for swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

Union Reservoir has a designated dog beach where dogs can swim and frolic, off-leash. If you want to enjoy a relaxing dip with your canine companion while looking at stunning natural views, Union Reservoir Nature Area is a great place to visit.

Regarding paddleboarding or kayaking with a dog, Union Reservoir does not currently state on its website that paddleboarding or kayaking is dog-friendly. However, various customer reviews and third-party sites mention that these activities are, in fact, dog-friendly. (There are also photos of pups on paddleboards on Union Reservoir’s Google profile.

Photos of Union Reservoir, a place where pet parents can engage in dog-friendly activities near Denver, Colorado
Source: www.longmontcolorado.gov

b. The K9 Body Shop | Dog Swimming

  • Location: 12500 W 58th Ave, Arvada, CO

Prefer to swim with your pup in a more controlled environment? If so, filtered pools dedicated for recreational canine swimming may be for you. 

Dog swimming pools in Denver may either be open to dogs only or may allow dog parents to join. The K9 Body Shop is an example of the latter, allowing dog parents to swim with their pups.

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4. Hanging Out in Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Bars

Looking for more laid-back dog-friendly activities near Denver? Then perhaps a nice meal and/or drink with your pup is a dog-friendly activity you’d like to try. Here are some place to check out!

a. Lazy Dog | Dog-Friendly Restaurant

  • Locations: 24110 E. State Ave., Aurora; 43 Centennial Boulevard, Highlands Ranch; and 14618 Delaware St., Westminster

For a casual meal that you can enjoy with your dog, make plans to visit Lazy Dog. This well-loved restaurant features a wide selection of crowd favorites and a relaxing lodge-like atmosphere.

While you enjoy a delicious meal, your pup can chow down on a treat from Lazy Dog’s dedicated dog menu. The restaurant also offers complimentary bowls of water for your pooch. 

 Lazy Dog, a dog-friendly restaurant in Denver with a dog menu, allowing pet parents to participate in the dog-friendly activity of dining with their pup
Source: denver.eater.com

b. Recess Beer Garden | Dog-Friendly Bar

  • Location: 2715 17th St., No. 103, Denver, CO

A relaxing garden atmosphere, upscale cafeteria cuisine, and fire pits —these sum up the awesome experience of visiting the Recess Beer Garden. The best part is that you can share all of this with your canine best friend because Recess Beer Garden has a stunning, dog-friendly multi-level patio. 

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5. Shopping for (and with) Your Pup

Looking for new toys or treats? This can be a dog-friendly activity that you can do with your pup! There are several pet supply stores and dog bakeries that will allow you to bring your dog along. Here are a few that you can check out!

a. Three Dog Bakery | Dog Bakery & Supplies

  • Location: 1503 Boulder St., Denver

When you want to reward your dog for being a very good boy or girl, bring them to Three Dog Bakery. Since 1989, the dog bakery has focused on creating tasty, handmade treats for furry family members. From pupcakes to pawlines to woofie pies, the bakery's selection features a wide variety of treats for your fur baby. Three Dog Bakery also sells toys, rawhides, chews, grooming gear, and accessories for your dog. Last but not least, this dog bakery also offers a dog wash unit you can use to give your pup a bath.

b. Lily’s Bath & Biscuits | Dog Bakery & Supplies

  • Location: 4051 Tejon St, Denver, CO

Lily’s Bath & Biscuits is a dog bakery and pet supply store that is dedicated to your fur baby’s wellbeing. They have an assortment of products to offer; whether you’re looking for colorful bone cookies, dog-friendly donuts, cakes, treats, toys, and grooming supplies, Lily’s Bath & Biscuits has it. 

Another noteworthy feature of this store is that they also offer a self-service dog wash where your canine companion can experience a luxurious bath — complete with a professional-grade tub, plush towels, and a berry face wash.

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The self-service dog wash station in Lily’s Bath & Biscuits where pet parents can give their dog a bath before heading home after engaging in a dog-friendly activity in Denver, Colorado
Source: www.lilysbathsandbiscuits.com

6. Dog Friendly Shopping

Speaking of fun dog-friendly activities near Denver, have you ever tried shopping with your canine companion? 

These shopping trips don’t have to be in a pet supply or treat store. There are a variety of dog-friendly stores in Denver where you can buy items for yourself or your home. Here are a few to check out!

a. Cherry Creek North | Dog-Friendly Shopping Center

  • Location: 2401 E 2nd Ave #150, Denver, CO

Spanning over 16 blocks, Cherry Creek North is one of Denver’s most well-known shopping centers. The good news is that there are a variety of stores that allow well-behaved canines to shop with their owners. These include the following:

b. Kilgore Books | Dog-Friendly Bookstore

  • Location: 624 E 13th Ave Denver, CO

Nothing like a day of choice book (and comic book) titles, whimsical aisles, and a furry friend right by your side — if this sounds like a perfect dog friendly activity for you and your pup, then Kilgore Books is the place to be. This dog-friendly bookstore is stocked with a handpicked rotation of titles. Not only will you ge to spend quality time with your pup, you may also find your next favorite book! 

c. City Floral Garden Center | Pet-Friendly Garden Center

  • Location: 1440 Kearney St., Denver

City Floral Garden Center is an independently owned and operated nursery in the heart of Denver. City Floral allows well-behaved pets on leashes. Walk through the 40,000-square-foot garden center and allow your pup to sniff the wide variety of plants, trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. 

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Photos of City Floral Garden Center, a destination for dog-friendly shopping, a must try dog-friendly activity in Denver, Colorado
Source: www.cityfloralgreenhouse.com

7. Going on a Dog-Friendly Staycation

A truly relaxing dog-friendly activity, staycation-ing with your pup lets you get away from it all and spend quality time with your furry best friend. Denver is home to numerous dog-friendly hotels that go above and beyond to make your pup feel welcome. Here are some awesome ones to check out:  

a. Hotel Teatro | Dog-Friendly Hotel

Nestled in Denver's Central Business District, Hotel Teatro offers a luxurious escape, close to attractions like the Denver Botanic Gardens and Coors Field. Renowned for its pet-friendly amenities, the hotel provides goodie bags, water bowls, and dog beds upon request. Plus, they can connect you with a certified canine massage therapist for your furry friend's relaxation.

b. Catbird Hotel | Dog-Friendly Hotel

Nestled in Denver's RiNo Art District, Catbird Hotel is your (and your pup’s) home away from home. This dog-friendly hotel, close to attractions like The Source Market Hall and Coors Field, welcomes furry guests with a special "Welcome Amenity" and provides beds and bowls upon request. Plus, with just a one-time pet fee, your pup can enjoy a cozy stay for up to 30 days.

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8. Catching a Movie with Your Pup

Most conventional movie theatres do NOT allow dogs; so a dog parent’s best bet at catching a movie with their pup is through a drive-in movie theatre. Drive-in theatres were a hit during the 50s and 60s. Now, there are only around 300 drive-in theatres left in the United States —  only one, in Denver. 

So if you want a dose of fun and nostalgia (while also being able to take your pup to a movie), we recommend checking out 88 Drive-In, Denver’s last remaining drive-in theatre. It is sure to be a dog-friendly activity that you and your pup will never forget; it may even become a favorite weekend activity.

Snapshots of 88 Drive-In, a dog-friendly movie theatre where pet parents can catch a drive-in movie with their pup, a must-try dog-friendly activity in Denver, Colorado
Source: www.88drivein.net

Final Thoughts on Dog-Friendly Activities Near Denver, CO

This concludes our comprehensive list of dog-friendly activities in Denver. If you’re planning to visit any of these places, your dog is bound to get mental stimulation and enjoyment. Whatever is next on your list of places to visit with your pup, it is recommended to protect your pup with updated immunizations and preventives.

Sploot Vets: Primary & Urgent Care in Denver

To learn more about required or recommended vaccines for dog-friendly establishments in Denver, reach out to our team. You can also visit Sploot Veterinary Care any day of the week to have your dog’s vaccinations updated. 

As for topping up on heartworm preventives prescribed by our vets, feel free to use the Sploot Vets app’s medication refill feature; same- and next-day deliveries are available. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about your pup’s health and well-being, we are here for you! Sploot Veterinary Care is a primary and urgent care veterinary clinic with multiple locations across Denver. Currently, we have vet clinics in Highlands, RiNo, Platt Park, 9+CO, LoDo, Central Park, and Highlands Ranch.

Our doors are open 365 days a year, with extended vet clinic hours. Feel free to schedule your appointment online or through the Sploot Vets app.

Till next time, we're with you every pounce of the way!