Additional Vet Care Services for Pets

At Sploot, we go above and beyond to empower pet parents to provide the best care for their furry family members. In addition to our primary and urgent care services, we help pet parents tackle everything from pet dermatology and behavioral questions to nutrition and end of life care. Whatever the challenge is, we’ll be right there to help.

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Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent drop-offs welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.

Pet Behavioral

Invest in your pet’s emotional health.

Sometimes, our beloved pets need just a little extra care to help them be comfortable and happy in their day to day lives. When pet parents have furry family members with behavioral concerns that haven’t been resolved through training or solutions like over the counter supplements, they reach out to our Sploot team to see if additional treatment, such as anxiety medication, may make sense. We always recommend exploring options like training first, but are there for pet parents throughout the journey. Not sure what path makes the most sense? Feel free to give us a call to discuss.

Take care of what’s on the outside.

Pet skin health (pet dermatology) is an important part of overall health for cats and dogs, just like it is for humans. Dryness, flakiness, irritation - all of these can create discomfort for your pets, and can be signs of concerns like fleas, mites, or skin infection. If you have any cat or dog dermatology concerns, contact us today! At Sploot, we perform baseline dermatological testing, such as skin scrapes and cultures, to assess for conditions like infections. If your pet is suffering from a more severe dermatological condition, we can recommend a veterinary dermatologist.

Know your pet's triggers.

Just like humans, dogs and cats can have allergies - sometimes severe ones! Work with our Sploot veterinary team to identify whether or not your pet has any allergies, and develop an effective plan to manage the symptoms and improve your pet's environment. Got questions about allergies? Schedule a visit with our team, or give us a call to talk through the options!

Parasite Prevention & Treatment
Parasite Prevention & Treatment

Dogs and cats are susceptible to various internal and external parasites. Internal parasites include parasitic protozoa, intestinal worms, heartworms, and other types of parasites that inhabit a pet’s internal organs. External parasites include fleas and ticks which are not only uncomfortable, but are also potential carriers of disease.

Prevention is crucial, especially since some parasites, especially internal ones, can cause long-term organ damage, may be difficult to cure, or can cause fatality. Early treatment of parasites can also make a big difference. Our experienced veterinarians will give the best parasite prevention strategies or parasite treatment options to keep your pet as healthy as can be.

Eat good, feel great.

With so many food options available to pet parents, we’re not surprised that many pet parents are overwhelmed - it’s not easy to navigate all the factors that go into selecting the pet food that will help your pet live its healthiest, happiest life. Our veterinary experts are happy to work with you to identify the best food options for your pet based on a number of considerations (including age, breed, lifestyle) that will help keep your pet satisfied and healthy!

The Great Beyond.

End of life care, including euthanasia, is often one of the toughest times in a pet parent’s life. If your dog or cat is suffering, or if it feels like it could be the appropriate time to consider pet euthanasia, the Sploot team can support you through the entire process, from talking through care options (including palliative) to performing euthanasia procedures and pet parent follow ups - all with thoughtfulness and deep compassion.

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In-House Radiology & Lab

Radiographic exams and/or blood testing needed for virtually all surgeries. We offer these services in-house for your convenience.

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Our seasoned team specializes in both primary and urgent care. From unusual symptoms to evident injuries, you can count on us for exceptional care.

Daily Appointment Availability

We’re here for you when it matters most. Our clinic doors are open everyday, 365 days a year - including weekends and holidays, and we accept same day appointments and urgent drop-offs.

A Stress-Free Modern Clinic

Whether a dog or cat is brought to Sploot for routine dental care or tooth extraction, our stress-free clinic, friendly staff, and serene clinic environment makes the experience as calm as possible.


What types of behavioral concerns can be addressed during a consultation?

During a consultation, our veterinarians can address a variety of behavioral issues, including aggression, fearfulness, phobias, anxiety, inappropriate elimination, destructiveness, and more.

What type of nutritional guidance do you provide?

Our veterinarians provide nutritional guidance tailored to your pet's individual needs. We offer advice on feeding habits, dietary requirements, and supplement recommendations to ensure your pet is getting the proper nutrition.

What skin conditions can be treated at Sploot?

Our dermatology services cover a wide range of skin conditions, including allergies, infections, skin tumors, hair loss, and other skin issues. We provide treatments such as medicated baths, topical medications, and more.

How do you diagnose allergies in pets?

We use a combination of tests to diagnose allergies in pets. These tests may include blood tests, skin tests, and food trials. Once the cause of the allergy is identified, we can create a treatment plan to help reduce reduce the pet's symptoms.

What conditions can be treated with cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including pain relief, wound healing, inflammation, and skin conditions. Our veterinarians can determine if cold laser therapy is an appropriate treatment option for your pet.

What can an x-ray tell us about my pet?

X-rays can provide valuable information about your pet's health. Our veterinarians use x-rays to diagnose fractures, tumors, and other internal abnormalities.

What can an ultrasound tell us about my pet?

Ultrasound is a valuable tool for diagnosing a variety of conditions in pets. Our veterinarians use ultrasound to evaluate the heart, abdomen, and other organs.

What types of laboratory testing do you offer?

We offer a wide range of laboratory testing, both in-house and reference lab, including blood tests, urinalysis, fecal tests, and more. Our veterinarians can recommend the appropriate tests to diagnose and monitor your pet's health.

Does Sploot Veterinary Care accept pet insurance?

Pet parents can be reimbursed by their insurance plan, given that the treatment is within the plan’s coverage scope. If you have questions about the scope of your pet’s insurance, please contact your provider.

What payment options are available in Sploot Vets?

To ensure the safety of our clinic and our clients, Sploot only accepts cashless payments.

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