Redefining the world of veterinary care - together.

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A veterinarian performing a check-up on a dog with a stethoscope, exemplifying their passion for pet care at Sploot

We are putting the “dream” back in dream job. Here’s how:

Provide true quality care.

  • Dedicated teams to take care of everything from scheduling to inventory management and everything in between - so medical teams can focus on providing great medical care.
  • State of the art technology to bring our standard of medical care to the next level
  • Streamlined, seamless processes to remove clunky, unnecessary tasks
Two veterinarians providing quality care to a dog, exemplifying their commitment to ensuring the well-being of pets

Continue investing in professional growth.

  • Personalized, structured development programs to grow your career.
  • Unlimited - and encouraged! - continuing education, in any area of the industry - from business to operations to leadership!
  • In house trainings, experiential courses, and more
A veterinarian pointing at an ultrasound monitor, demonstrating their dedication to professional growth and enhancing diagnostic capabilities

Love the work / life balance.

  • Ingrained work/life balance right into our scheduling & operations
  • A highly supportive, vibrant clinic culture - no ego, no drama, lots of fun!
  • A stocked fridge of snacks and regular lunches on the house - hero fuel!
A veterinarian petting a dog with its owner, symbolizing the significance of work-life balance and the bond between veterinarians, pets, and their owners.
The Perks

Raising the standard of  “competitive compensation”

Plain & simple: you deserve to be paid more & have a 401k.

Mandating PTO for each member - no excuses!

Go do that thing, take that trip, visit the friends and family you’ve been wanting to see.

Covering 100% of Health Insurance

Need we say more? We’ve got you covered.

Interesting Case Mix

Urgent and Wellness cases to ensure you keep learning and growing.

Paid Parental Leave

We will never forget - before you are our superhero, you are your family’s.

Figs Scrubs On Us

Comfy, professional, and personalized.
and many more!

Meet the Sploot team

Dr. Saunders
Medical Director

"Having worked in emergency pet care for many years, I was drawn to Sploot's new approach to vet care, and it's exciting to build a new clinic from the ground up!  At Sploot we're always focused on providing the best care. I feel lucky to have found such a collaborative group of people." - Dr. Jake Saunders, DVM + Medical Director

Pet Parents Expereince

“Sploot Veterinary Care stood out amongst other clinics to me personally the moment I walked into the lobby. The friendliness of the staff, the warm welcomes and most importantly the sincere passion my team members have for animals is what makes Sploot my second home.The doctors not only diagnose and treat but they take the time to educate our clients on what is going on with their pet. We want the absolute best for everyone, and we got your tail covered!” - Val, Vet Assistant

Dr. Sylvia Berns
Veterinary Technician

“I've been out of practice since 2016, and unfortunately I was getting a little bit burnt out. When I found Sploot, I found a whole new refreshed love for this medicine and for this practice. We have a wonderful team here, we care for each other, we look out for each other, and we are taken care of. Benefits are wonderful, pay is wonderful, and we have definitely found our worth here." - Dr. Sylvia Berns, DVM

Pet Parents Experience

“I chose Sploot, because in Sploot, I found a healthy work environment, great compensation, and a focus on both mental and physical health of all employees. Beyond this, I truly appreciate the super focus on the client and patient experience. Their coining of the team name ‘Pet Parent Experience’ truly goes to show that they care both about us, as well as our role in a customer’s experience.” - Michelle, PPX Team

Pet Parents Experience

“The environment here felt really different from any other place I’ve been to. I also have already been making great connections with my coworkers, and it just seems like both the pet parents and the pets come in with big smiles on their faces!” - Olivia, PPX Team

Pet Parents Experience

“I chose Sploot because there are so many opportunities and so much room to grow. And not only are they there for the taking, but the team truly believes in you to fulfill those roles!” - Patricia, PPX Team

Let’s Build the Future of Veterinary Care Together