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In times of emergency, every moment counts. Sploot Veterinary Care offers dedicated emergency services, tailored to address serious and urgent health concerns for your pet. Our approach combines immediate response with expert care, ensuring your pet receives the necessary attention swiftly and effectively. We prioritize critical situations, focusing on the well-being and safety of your pet, providing reassurance that they are in capable hands when it matters most.

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Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent drop-offs welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.
Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent drop-offs welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.


Sploot’s emergency care services are designed for critical, life-threatening situations that demand immediate medical intervention. Our emergency care is not only equipped to handle these urgent cases with efficiency and expertise, but it also provides a more economical alternative to traditional emergency clinics, ensuring your pet receives top-notch care at a significantly reduced cost.

Opting for Sploot offers several advantages, including affordability (up to 60% cheaper than ERs), prompt appointments or drop-offs to avoid waiting times, and seamless follow-up care without the hassle of referrals.

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Need Immediate Help for Your Pet?
Call Our Urgent Care Hotline!

When your pet's health can't wait, our Urgent Care Hotline is here to guide you. At Sploot, we offer you direct access to veterinary professionals who can quickly assess your pet's situation and advise you on the next steps. Whether it's a minor concern or a potential emergency, you don't have to face it alone.

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Our experts are ready to provide the support you need to navigate your pet's urgent health concerns, ensuring your peace of mind and your pet's well-being. With Sploot's dedicated team, you can make informed decisions about whether to seek immediate treatment or care at home. Experience the Sploot difference—compassionate care at the critical moment your pet needs it most.

When to See a Vet for Emergency Pet Care

We strongly advise seeking immediate  care for your pet in the event of severe symptoms, life-threatening injuries, or critical health concerns. Emergency care is essential when time is of the essence and your pet’s condition cannot wait. Below are typical situations where emergency care is crucial for your pet's well-being.

Accidental Ingestion
Car Accidents
Animal Attacks
Severe Lacerations & Cuts
Eye Problems
Loss of Consciousness
Severe Eye Injury
Emergency C Section
Severe Constipation
Choking / Coughing
Uncontrollable Shaking
Blood in Urine
Crying / Whimpering
Spleen Removal


It may be challenging to know if a symptom, injury, or unusual pet behavior requires an emergency visit. We provide complimentary customer support from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week.
Call our tele-triage line with your concerns, and we’ll guide you through the next steps.


Daily Appointment Availability

We’re here for you, 365 days a year. Our vet clinics are open every day, offering extended hours.

All in One

95%+ of your care needs addressed, with primary, urgent, &emergency veterinary services under one roof.

A Stress-Free Modern Clinic

With private exam rooms, minimized waiting times, FREE treats, & more, we ensure stress-free & fun vet visits!

In-House Radiology & Lab

Blood tests, x-rays, & various diagnostic tests are available in-house for utmost convenience & thorough care.

Urgent Care Tailored to Your Furry Friend

Bringing Your Pet to Sploot for Pet Urgent Care

Two options, same high quality of care. If you’re bringing your dog or cat to our urgent pet care clinic, we accept both walk-ins (depending on availability) and urgent intakes (drop-offs)

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Urgent Cases: Call Ahead for Efficient Care

We welcome walk-ins for pet urgent care, but as this depends on availability we recommend calling ahead

  • Be Received Immediately:  Calling ahead allows us to prepare so that we can accommodate your pet as soon as you arrive.
  • Save Time: Due to varying demands at our clinics, some may have longer wait times. A quick call enables us to direct you to a clinic with the shortest wait time, ensuring prompt attention to your pet.
  • Specialist Matching:  While all Sploot clinics are fully equipped for emergencies, some pet urgent care cases may require specialized care. By calling in advance, we can guide you to the clinic with the right specialist for your pet's specific needs.
Sploot's Urgent Intake: Immediate Care, Even on Busy Days

At Sploot, we understand that emergencies are unpredictable and often occur at the most inconvenient times. That's why we offer an Urgent Intake (drop-off) service, designed to provide immediate, expert care for your pet during urgent situations.

  • Quick and Secure Drop-Off: In an urgent case or emergency, call us and bring your pet to our clinic. We ensure a swift and safe drop-off, immediately prioritizing your pet's needs from the moment you arrive.
  • Thorough and Prompt Expert Assessment: Upon arrival, our medical team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to understand and prioritize your pet's condition, guiding our immediate care approach.
  • Comprehensive Care and Communication: We provide continuous medical supervision for your pet's safety and comfort. Expect regular updates and involvement in every decision, from assessment to treatment. When your pet is ready, we'll inform you and offer concise aftercare instructions for a seamless homecoming.

Bring Your Pet to Sploot for Urgent Care


How do I know if I need emergency care or urgent care?

When in doubt, you can always call our pet parent experience team to help triage your situation. However, emergency related appointments are extremely urgent and require a specialized veterinarian to treat. For this reason, if you feel your pet need to be seen immediately, it may often require emergency level care.

How much is Sploot emergency care?

The cost of emergency care varies based on the specific needs and the seriousness of the case. At Sploot, we prioritize financial transparency. Before any significant medical procedures are carried out, you'll have a clear discussion about the costs with your veterinarian.

Opting for Sploot offers several advantages, including affordability (up to 60% cheaper than ERs), prompt appointments or drop-offs to avoid waiting times, and seamless follow-up care without the hassle of referrals.

Do you accept walk-ins?

At Sploot Veterinary Care, we prioritize prompt and efficient service for your pet. We encourage you to call us first, allowing our dedicated team to guide you to one of our clinics that can best accommodate your pet’s specific needs.

While we don't accept walk-ins, we strive to see every patient right away but please note that for emergency situations, or cases requiring specialized emergency care or 24-hour monitoring, our facilities might not be the ideal option. In such instances, we are committed to directing you to a trusted animal hospital nearby that can provide the necessary care. Our goal is to ensure your pet receives the best possible attention in a timely and efficient manner.

Do you offer 24 hour care?

As Sploot is not a 24-hour veterinary service, we have specific procedures for cases requiring round-the-clock monitoring. If your pet needs continuous observation, we typically conduct the necessary medical services at Sploot and then arrange a transfer to another emergency veterinary clinic for ongoing monitoring. In situations where a procedure may extend beyond our operating hours, we proactively provide recommendations for trusted emergency animal hospitals right from the beginning. This approach ensures that your pet receives uninterrupted, high-quality care.

What is the difference between urgent and emergency care?

Emergency care requires specialized vet attention and training due to the severity of the situation. Common emergency cases involve excessive bleeding due to car accidents or animal fights.

Additionally these cases often require extensive time and attention. For this reason, these cases can be slightly more expensive than urgent care.

We always advise calling our pet parent experience (PPX) team to help assess whether you need urgent or emergency care.

What is the difference between sploot emergency care and an emergency vet?

The quality of care provided is consistently high, regardless of where it's received. Yet, for cases that necessitate 24-hour monitoring, emergency animal hospitals have an edge due to their round-the-clock operations. This extended availability is a significant factor in their services being more expensive compared to Sploot, which operates within specific daily hours.

Despite this, Sploot ensures your pet receives the necessary immediate care before recommending or transferring them to a facility equipped for continuous monitoring.

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