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Preventive care is the number one investment you can make to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Our wide range of best in class preventive care services ensure that your pet is at their healthiest and happiest, ready for all of life’s adventures.

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Open until 10pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent-intakes welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.
Open until 10pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent-intakes welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.
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Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are comprehensive snout-to-tail physical exams for dogs and cats of all ages. The veterinarian will also ask detailed questions about your pet’s overall lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, behavior, and other key information for comprehensive understanding.
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Strengthen your pet’s immune system and abide by regional ordinances when you maintain vaccinations. Core vaccinations are recommended for all pets while non-core vaccinations are recommended by veterinarians based on lifestyle, travel plans, area of residence, and other specific factors.
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Dental Care

Invest in quality of life - and great breath! - with regular dental care. This includes routine oral exams, teeth cleaning, and dental procedures.
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Puppies & Kittens

Preventive care at an early age gives your pet a strong start at life. At Sploot, we provide comprehensive, critical care for puppy or kitten’s first 4-6 months - the most important time to lay a groundwork of long-term health.
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Parasite Prevention

Preventive measures help keep your pet free of ticks, fleas, and intestinal worms. Skin or internal parasite infestations greatly impact a pet’s health and well-being, making parasite prevention a vital part of complete preventive care.

Can’t wait to ace preventive care?

Why Sploot?

Exceptional Pet and Pet Parent Care

Sploot takes pride in the outstanding care we provide to pets and their families - from proactive communication to a wide menu of care options, Sploot provides warm, convenient veterinary care every pounce of the way.

Unparalleled Availability

Sploot’s doors are open 365 days a year, from 10 am to 10 pm. Whether you’d like to schedule your appointment months in advance or have a same-day care need, you’ll be able to conveniently schedule a time that works for you.

A Stress-Free Modern Clinic

Whether you’re bringing in a kitten, puppy, or senior pet, our clinic is optimized to be stress-free for all. We have a friendly, animal-loving staff, a serene clinic design, and treats!

In-House Radiology & Lab

In some cases, pet wellness exams may need additional screenings like x-rays or quick laboratory tests. We have these facilities in-house for faster diagnoses and more comprehensive care.


In-House Radiology & Lab

Radiographic exams and/or blood testing needed for virtually all surgeries. We offer these services in-house for your convenience.

Caring, Experienced Veterinarians

Our seasoned team specializes in both primary and urgent care. From unusual symptoms to evident injuries, you can count on us for exceptional care.

Daily Appointment Availability

We’re here for you when it matters most. Our clinic doors are open everyday, 365 days a year - including weekends and holidays, and we accept same-day appointments and urgent-intakes.

A Stress-Free Modern Clinic

Whether a dog or cat is brought to Sploot for a routine checkup or tooth extraction, our stress-free clinic, friendly staff, and serene clinic environment makes the experience as calm as possible.


How long do wellness exams take?

Typically, pet wellness exams take around 20 to 30 minutes; they may take longer if there are specific health concerns brought up or if your pet undergoes additional screening tests.

Will I be able to see the same vet for each of my pet’s wellness appointments?

Similar to how we prefer having the same general doctor, you might want the same dedicated care for your pet — from a vet they’re already comfortable with. We can arrange this at Sploot! In fact, we encourage our pet parents to see the same veterinarian. This helps pets get comfortable with regular veterinary visits.

Why do some wellness exams include X-ray and laboratory testing?

Additional screening like x-ray and laboratory are generally done only if needed. These tests are commonly recommended for pets with health conditions, pets with recently reported symptoms, and senior pets.

Can wellness exams and vaccinations be done on the same day?

Wellness exams and vaccination/revaccination can be done on the same day. However, whether or not vaccines can be given at the same time depends on the veterinarian's discretion. One of the factors that veterinarians look at is weight. Smaller breeds and younger pets generally cannot be given the same number of vaccines as larger breeds and adult pets.

When can I schedule an appointment with Sploot Vets for the services listed here?

You can choose to schedule an appointment with Sploot Vets months, weeks, or days in advance. We also accept same-day appointments and urgent-intakes (drop-offs)!

What vaccinations does my pet need?

Vaccination protocols vary depending on your pet’s lifestyle, age, and overall health. Your veterinarian can recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet based on their individual needs.

How often should I take my pet for wellness exams?

It’s recommended that pets receive wellness exams at least once a year. However, some pets may need more frequent visits depending on their age and health status.

What are some tips to help my pet stay healthy?

Providing your pet with regular veterinary care is the best way to keep them healthy. Additionally, giving your pet a balanced diet, adequate exercise, and plenty of love and attention will help them stay happy and healthy.

What is a heartworm test?

A heartworm test is a blood test that is used to check for the presence of heartworm disease in your pet. This test is an important part of preventive veterinary care, as heartworm disease can be fatal if left untreated.

What is dental care for pets?

Dental care for pets is an important part of their overall health and wellness. Pet dental care includes regular dental exams and teeth cleaning, as well as home care, such as brushing your pet’s teeth.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device that is implanted under your pet’s skin and contains an identification number. This number can be used to identify your pet if they are ever lost or stolen.

What does flea and tick prevention include?

Flea and tick prevention is an important part of a pet’s preventive veterinary care plan. This type of preventive care can include topical treatments, oral medications, and other preventative measures to help protect your pet from fleas and ticks.

What is nutrition counseling?

Nutrition counseling is a type of veterinary care focused on helping pet owners choose the best diet for their pet. This type of counseling can include advice on the type of food, portion sizes, and more.

What is spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures performed by a veterinarian to prevent unwanted pregnancies. These procedures can help reduce the number of homeless pets, as well as provide health benefits for your pet.

What is the cost of a wellness exam?

The cost of a wellness exam varies depending on your pet's age and size and includes an exam fee plus any required procedures or medications. We provide clear pricing and a cost estimate before treatment, so no surprise bills. For a detailed quote or appointment, please contact us.

Does Sploot Veterinary Care accept pet insurance?

Reimbursement from a pet’s insurance plan is possible, as long as the treatment falls within the plan’s coverage scope.

It's important to note that pet insurance plans have different coverage scopes for veterinary services. If you have questions about your pet’s insurance, please contact your provider. 

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