How Do Drop-Off Appointments & Urgent Intakes at Sploot Work?

There’s no way to predict when a pet may need veterinary care. It can happen during busy days or when pet parents need to attend to other obligations. Sploot’s drop-off appointments are a convenient solution for days like this. 

Pets can be dropped off at Sploot for wellness exams, sick visits, and urgent care cases. When a dog or cat is dropped off for an urgent case (injury, severe illness), this is known as an urgent intake. In any case, calling our team is the first step.

 Here’s how our drop-off appointments and urgent intakes work:

1. 1. To arrange a drop-off appointment or urgent pet care intake, call us at (720) 740-8129.

2. Our team will coordinate with you regarding the time of the drop-off and other needed arrangements.

  • The duration of your pet's stay with us will be determined after an initial intake exam by our medical team
  • During your pet's stay with us, they will be set up comfortably in our clinics under medical supervision

3. As our veterinarian evaluates your pet's condition and case, they will reach out to you via phone if they have additional questions about your pet’s concern. Our team will also give you important updates on your pet’s status, including any necessary next steps — and if your pet is ready to be picked up.

Note: We are able to reply to texts or answers calls during our Pet Parent Experience Team’s operating hours: 8 am - 10 pm, daily (including holidays and weekends). 

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