The Sploot Vets App: Here to Make Pet Parenting a Breeze

The Sploot Vets app, a veterinary app that makes pet parenting easy

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives, it was only a matter of time before our furry friends got their own digital care companion. Enter the Sploot Vets App, a mobile solution that empowers pet parents to give amazing care, effortlessly. Here’s what the Sploot Vets App has in store:

Seamless Vet Appointment Management

So far, Sploot Veterinary Care has offered unparalleled ease when it comes to managing appointments, thanks to our online veterinary appointment booking and our dedicated Pet Parent Experience Team, who are just a call or text away. The Sploot Vets app centralizes all of these on a customer-centered mobile experience — now,  pet parents can make bookings, cancel bookings, and reschedule bookings all from one place.

A view of the veterinary appointment management feature of the Sploot Vets app, a veterinary app that makes pet parenting easy

Easily Manage Care for One or More Furry Companions

One of the standout features of this veterinary app is its ability to efficiently manage the well-being of one or more pets. No need to juggle multiple folders, appointment cards, and medical records for each furry family member. The app provides a centralized hub where all relevant information about each pet is easily accessible.

Never Miss a Beat: Recommended Care Notifications

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it may be challenging to take note of key dates for routine care. The Sploot Vets app takes the worry out of pet parenting by sending timely notifications about essential care recommendations, personalized to your pet. From vaccines to heartworm prevention and annual dental check-ups, the app ensures that your pets receive the care they need — when they need it.

An image of the pet care notifications on the Sploot Vets App, a veterinary app that makes pet parenting easy and seamless

Real-time Chat with Vet Professionals

Have a question about your pet's health? No need to call and wait on hold. The Sploot Vets App's chat feature connects pet owners directly with our vet team. This instant access to professional advice provides peace of mind and ensures that pet parents can make informed decisions about their pets' health at any time.

Medications Made Easy

The Sploot Vets App takes the hassle out of medication management so that pet parents can focus on what matters! This veterinary app gives pet parents access to clear instructions for administering each medication. Requesting medication refills can be done with just a few taps. Pet parents can also access same-day or next-day medication deliveries, directly through the app.

A screenshot of the Sploot Vets app, a veterinary app that allows pet parents to request medication refills and deliveries with just a touch of a buttont

Accessible Medical Records & Invoices 

Access your fur baby’s medical records and veterinary invoices whenever you need them. 

With just a tap, you can get your dog’s or cat’s medical records sent directly to your email, ready for your reference or for sharing with anyone who may request it (e.g. pet boarding establishments, doggy daycares, grooming services).

Similarly, invoices can be downloaded in just one tap, ready to be printed or forwarded to your pet insurance provider.

Update Payment Information with Just a Few Taps

Sploot Veterinary Care offers the convenience of cashless payments — we accept all major credit cards and debit cards in all our locations. This makes each transaction quick and easy and helps ensure that all Sploot clinics are secure. 

Now, with the Sploot Vets app, you can manage and change your payment information straight from your mobile device!

Get the Sploot Vets App Today!

The Sploot Vets App with its comprehensive features is a game-changer for pet parents. By combining advanced technology with a customer-centered design, Sploot’s veterinary app is paving the way for next-level ease in pet parenting — and making great quality care accessible, straight from your mobile device. 

Experience the Sploot difference! Download the Sploot Vets App from the App Store or Google Play.