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What is Pet Parent Experience (PPX)?

What makes a seamless and hassle-free visit to the vet? Apart from high-quality care, it’s getting the information and answers you need in a timely manner — whether you are scheduling your puppy’s first vet visit or getting surgery for your cat. Sploot’s PPX team is there to guide you, every pounce of the way. 

Sploot's Pet Parent Experience (PPX) Associates ensure both pet parents and pets are enjoying the highest standards of customer experience, before, during, and after appointments. This concept is very unique in the veterinary space — it’s another aspect that sets Sploot apart!

Contact our PPX Team by calling or texting us at this number: (720) 740-8129 — or by using the seamless chat feature in the Sploot Vets app. You can also email our PPX team at info@splootvets.com.

Note: We are able to reply to texts or answers calls during our Pet Parent Experience Team’s operating hours: 6am - 10pm (MST) every day including holidays and weekends.
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