6 Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries Near Denver, CO

The next time you want to enjoy a locally brewed beer, craft cocktail, or frozen margarita, don't leave your furry friend behind. Instead, grab the leash and take your pup to one of the many dog friendly bars and dog friendly breweries in the Denver area.

Here are our top picks for the best dog-friendly bars and dog friendly breweries near Denver, Colorado.

1. Improper City

  • Location: 3201 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205
  • Highlights: Rotating food truck food, coffee bar, dog friendly patio

Located on Walnut St, Denver, Improper City is a dog friendly bar that lets you choose your own adventure. Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, specialty cocktails, craft beer, pizza, sandwiches, salads, or other types of food and drinks, Improper City is the place to be! This trendy dog friendly bar is not just a dog friendly bar and beer garden, it is also a coffee bar, food truck park, and event space. It is the perfect place for meeting with friends or discovering new food as food trucks change from time to time. To see what’s served right now, View Improper City’s food truck schedule here!

Improper City has a laidback and fun atmosphere. As you enter this dog friendly bar, you will be met with open and airy spaces wherever you go. It has a large outdoor area that is fitted with faux grass, string lights, and reclining seats. Meanwhile, the indoor space features modern decor, a refreshingly light minimalist color scheme, high ceilings, and large windows.

The best part is you get to enjoy everything Improper City has to offer with your furry friend by your side — everything outdoors, that is. Furry friends are not allowed indoors in Improper City* but pet parents can conveniently order from servers on the patio. It is also required that canine companions are leashed and well behaved. This ensures a fun and relaxed environment for everyone, people and pups alike!  

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along. ; **Opening and closing times are subject to change; please refer to the dog friendly bars’ website for more information

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, Improper City
Sourced from: www.impropercity.com

2. Ratio Beerworks

  • Locations: 2920 Larimer St, Denver, CO and 2030 S. Cherokee St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Fun events, food truck food, dog friendly taproom*, dog friendly patio

Ratio Beerworks is a dog friendly brewery that brings together craft beer enthusiasts and dog lovers. This punk-rock inspired, dog friendly bar offers a wide range of meticulously-prepared craft beer — from classic IPAs to delicious seasonal brews. Patrons can pair their craft beer with delicious food from a food truck parked outside. This is the perfect hangout for anyone wanting to sample craft beer, enjoy live music, or attend a fun event.** 

Upon entering Ratio Beerworks, the taproom offers plenty of space and a welcoming atmosphere with its subdued industrial color scheme and high ceilings. Meanwhile, the courtyard outside features outdoor seating, string lights, and wall art that is consistent with the establishment’s punk rock roots.

So just how dog-friendly is Ratio Beerworks? Ratio Beerworks is committed to making the space as pup-friendly as possible. Fido is allowed in the tap room* and on the courtyard (aka the side patio.) The staff is also known to be pup-loving and will give friendly pets some pats! For this reason, dog-loving pet parents make up a portion of Ratio Beerworks’s regulars. 

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along. ; **Events may be held indoors and dogs may not be allowed. Make sure to check with the establishment. 

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, Ratio Beerworks
Sourced from: www.instagram.com/ratiobeerworks

3. Recess Beer Garden

  • Location: 2715 17th St., No. 103, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Upscale cafeteria cuisine, dog friendly multi-level patio, fire pits

Remember how it felt to hear the bell ring, signaling the start of recess? That's the whole vibe at Recess Beer Garden, a laid-back dog friendly bar in Denver. Excitement is in the air — and for a good reason. Recess Beer Garden has plenty to offer, starting with their wide selection of delicious local craft beers, thirst-quenching seltzers, refreshing cocktails, and more! This dog friendly bar also serves up American grub in a carefully curated menu full of what they refer to as “upscale cafeteria cuisine.” Try out this dog friendly bar’s unique take on crowd favorites like corn dogs, nachos, pizza fries, sandwiches, wraps, and more! 

So what is the place like? Like both of the previous items on this list of dog friendly bars and breweries, Recess Beer Garden has an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area is industrial-chic with light walls, dark furniture, exposed beams, and thematic decor. Meanwhile, the outdoor space boasts a multi-level patio, picnic-table-style seats, string lights, and fire pits. 

Now comes the burning question: is Recess Beer Garden a dog friendly bar? Most of the time, yes! Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio of Recess Beer Garden. However, pet parents need to be advised that dogs are not allowed on the patio past 3 o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays.* 

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along.

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, Recess Beer Garden
Sourced from: www.recessbeergarden.com

4. Call to Arms

  • Location: 4526 Tennyson St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Food truck food (occasional), local snacks, dog friendly patio

Situated in Denver’s historic Berkeley neighborhood is a dog friendly brewery that quickly became a local favorite. We’re talking about Call to Arms Brewing Company. This dog friendly brewery was founded by three friends with a shared passion for craft beers. Call to Arms Brewing Company is serving up the delicious culmination of 30 years of craft beer experience — with 15 beers on tap at all times! Call to Arms Brewing Company also has local snacks available that are great for pairing with craft beers — such as popcorn and potato chips. Patrons may also order food from rotating food trucks that come by occasionally. 

Call to Arms Brewing Company has a cozy, classic taproom with plenty of wooden accents that give the space a warm and welcoming feel. The outdoor space is simple but inviting — with plenty of space, reclining seats, and picnic tables. 

This brewery is a great place for unwinding over delicious craft beer, with your canine best friend by your side! One of the best features of this brewery is their dog-friendly policy. Though pups are not allowed into the taproom (except for service dogs), well-behaved canine companions are welcome on the patio!*

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along.

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, Call to Arms
Sourced from: www.calltoarmsbrewing.com

5. Denver Beer Company

  • Locations: 1695 Platte St., Denver, CO; 5768 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, Arvada, CO; 2425 S. Downing St., Denver, CO; and 7070 E Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Rotating food trucks***, dog friendly patio

With multiple locations in Denver, Denver Beer Company is one of the most popular dog friendly breweries around. They are also considered a staple of the local craft beer scene. This casual, relaxed dog-friendly brewery specializes in artisan ales and lagers. They serve seasonal small-batch brews with a few mainstay favorites on the menu. 

At Denver Beer Company’s original location in downtown Denver, you can order food from the taproom's selection of rotating food trucks. Meanwhile, other locations serve appetizers, burgers, tacos, and other bites. No matter which location you visit, you can look forward to good food and good beer. Since menus may vary depending on the location, make sure to check before your visit!

As you enter Denver Beer Company, you are met with a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere — whether you stay in their industrial-chic taproom or the brewery’s outdoor space. Outdoor spaces vary depending on which location of Denver Beer Company you head to. As a fun fact, the branch that has the most spacious outdoor space is in Lowry Blvd., with 5400 sq. feet of patio space!  

Having been around since 2011, Denver Beer Co. knows just how important dog-friendly policies in Denver are. After all, Fido is practically part of the family. Pups are always welcome on the patio!*

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along. ;**Availability depends on the location

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, Denver Beer Company
Sourced from: www.denverbeerco.com

6. The Lazy Dog

  • Locations: 14618 Delaware St., Westminster, Denver, CO; 43 Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO; and 24110 E. State Ave, Aurora, CO 
  • Highlights: Complimentary water bowl for Fido, dedicated menu for dogs, dog friendly patio

Whether you’re planning to have a weekend brunch or after-work happy hour, The Lazy Dog is the place to be. The Lazy Dog is a dog friendly bar and restaurant that offers a wide selection of draft beers, wines, and craft cocktails. The Lazy Dog's menu features a variety of American-style comfort food, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. 

Walking in, you will immediately feel the welcoming atmosphere of The Lazy Dog Bar & Restaurant. Indoor seating is mostly upholstered with warm lighting — perfect for hours of unwinding after work or during the weekend. Outdoor seating is also comfortable and shaded in some areas. 

One of the best things about The Lazy Dog is that dogs are treated as patrons too! There are complimentary water bowls to ensure your dog stays hydrated and a dedicated menu just for your pup! This means you and your furry best friend can have a meal together on The Lazy Dog’s patio area.* 

*Pet policies may change, make sure to confirm with this establishment before taking Fido along.

A collage of pictures of one of the dog friendly bars or dog friendly breweries in Denver Colorado, The Lazy Dog
Sourced from: www.restaurantmagazine.com & www.denverpost.com

Final Reminders Before Going to Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries

This concludes our list of dog friendly bars and dog friendly breweries near Denver, Colorado. To cap off, here are just a few reminders for your fur baby’s safety while checking out these cool hangouts!

Dogs need to be kept away from liquor because no amount of alcohol is safe for any dog. And if you’re planning to visit any of these dog friendly bars and dog friendly breweries, it’s recommended to update (or complete) your fur baby’s canine vaccines to avoid risks of transmissible disease from other dogs that are there or have been there. 

If you have questions about canine vaccinations, consult your local veterinarian. As for Denver pet parents, we’re here to help! 

Visit Sploot Veterinary Care any day of the week to have your dog’s vaccinations updated. We are a primary and urgent care veterinary clinic with multiple convenient locations in Denver. Our doors are open 365 days a year, from 10 am to 10 pm. Feel free to schedule your dog’s vaccination here - we also accept walk-ins!

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