The 3 Best Self Serve Dog Washes in Denver, CO

A dog enjoying a relaxing bath from one of the dog wash self service stations in Denver

Establishments that offer dog wash self service are gaining popularity in Denver because they provide a convenient, mess-free way for pet parents to clean up their dogs. 

Dog wash stations can be more convenient than baths at home, whatever the season may be. Using a dog wash station means there wouldn’t be any mess to clean up after your pup’s bath. These DIY dog washes become extra handy during dog shedding seasons — times when dog baths at home can be harder to clean. 

In addition, pet parents coming back from a hiking trip with their canines or a visit to the dog park can go to a self service dog wash station so that they can come home with a fresh, clean pup.  

Ready to experience the amazing convenience of dog wash stations? In this guide, we cover the top three dog wash self service stations near Denver. 

Featured Dog Wash (Self Service) Near Denver

Lily’s Bath & Biscuits

Location: 4051 Tejon St, Denver, CO

Highlights: dog wash self service, first come - first serve (no appointment necessary), Aroma Paws shampoo & conditioner, berry face wash, nail trimming service available, pet supply store

Situated in the vibrant Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Lily’s Bath & Biscuits is a well-loved pet supply store that offers various treats, dog food, pet accessories, and toys. 

Whether you’re looking to replenish pet supplies or you’re on your way back home from a visit to nearby dog parks (e.g. Railyard Dog Park, Berkeley Dog Park), you can stop by, shop, and treat Waffles to a relaxing bath. Lily’s Bath & Biscuits has spacious walk-in tubs and they provide pet parents with all the essentials and more: apron, towels, Aroma Paws Shampoo & Conditioner, Aroma Paws Ear Cleaner, Berry face wash, and treats! After a relaxing bath, pet parents can also avail of Lily’s Bath & Biscuits’ nail-trimming service.  

After a relaxing bath at Lily’s Bath & Biscuits dog wash self service station (and perhaps, picking up a treat or two), it’s a merry way home with a freshly washed, contented pup — and the best part: absolutely no bathroom to clean up. 

A dog having a bath in Lily’s Bath & Biscuits, a pet supply store that also offers a dog wash station self service
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Chewy’s Bonetique

Location: 200 Quebec St #600-119, Denver, CO

Highlights: dog wash self service, first come - first serve (no appointment necessary), premium shampoo, signature Blueberry Facial, professional grooming - also available, pet supply store 

Situated in Denver’s  Lowry Field neighborhood is a well-known pet supply store that also provides professional grooming and a dog wash station. It’s none other than Chewy’s Bonetique. 

Whether you’re out on a routine shopping trip with Fido or you just got back from an invigorating visit to Lowry Dog Park (~5 min away), Chewy’s Bonetique is a one-stop-shop for a clean and happy pup. They have dog wash self-service stations that have everything you need and more: an apron, elevated tub, premium dog shampoo, and even their signature Blueberry Facial. Pampering your pup has never been so easy and convenient.

After a soothing dog wash, you can check out Chewy’s Bonetique’s wide array of pet supplies, food, and treats that are sure to send tails wagging. Then, you get to drive home with a clean, happy pup, bearing a subtle, lovely scent of blueberry!

A dog having a bath in Chewy’s Bonetique, a pet supply store that also offers a dog wash station self service
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Wag N’ Wash

Location: 5066 S Wadsworth Wy Suite 121, Littleton, CO

Highlights: dog wash self service, first come - first serve (no appointment necessary), various shampoo options, professional grooming - also available, bakery & pet supply store 

Situated in the Ken Caryl neighborhood of Littleton, Colorado, Wag N’ Wash is a pup-tastic establishment that combines grooming, healthy treats, and pet products, all in one place. It’s a convenient stopover if you and Fido are ever nearby. 

Though professional grooming is also available at Wag N’ Wash, they also give pet parents the option to wash their pups themselves. Their dog wash stations have everything you need: aprons, towels, a water hose, and various types of dog shampoo. Need a shampoo that’s hypoallergenic or one that helps reduce fur shedding? They got it. 

After a soothing dog wash, you can treat your favorite canine companion to delicious goodies from the bakery. Freshly bathed and given nutritious treats, your pup is sure to thank you for the experience!

Final Reminders Before Going to a Dog Wash (Self Service)

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best dog wash self service stations in Denver. As always, we’d like to remind pet parents to cover all the preventive care basics before heading to any dog-friendly establishments. This helps keep your pup as healthy as can be!

Before going to a dog wash self service station in Denver, make sure your pup is updated on all the necessary canine vaccines. We also recommend getting parasite preventives against heartworm in dogs, intestinal dog worms, fleas, and ticks.

Do you have questions about preventive care for dogs? Reach out to our team!

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Schedule an appointment here or through the Sploot Vets app. Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!