7 Denver Dog Parks for Off-Leash Fun

A dog walking off leash in one of the off leash Denver dog parks

Every now and then, dogs just love the taste of sweet, sweet freedom — a chance to run free at their own pace, explore, and play fetch with their favorite person! This is where off leash dog parks come in. 

Off leash dog parks offer a dedicated space where dogs can exercise, play, socialize, and explore. Taking your dog to dog parks regularly will not just give them physical exercise; they will also get plenty of mental stimulation!

There are many off-leash dog parks in Denver, each with their own unique features. This article summarizes the key features of handpicked off leash dog parks in Denver. 

Foreword About Off-Leash Denver Dog Parks

To have the safest and most enjoyable time possible with your pup, here are a few tips before heading to any of these off leash dog parks

  1. Always bring water - Even though some parks will state they have drinking fountains, it’s always best to bring water for you and your pup.
  2. Always bring waste bags - In some Denver dog parks, waste bag dispensers are partly restocked by the community. Waste bags may run out in these parks, so it would be great to bring some for your pup and for sharing with a neighbor in need!
  3. Make sure to always clean up after your pup - Pet parents are required to pick up after their dog, as detailed in Denver’s dog laws. 
  4. Always pack a towel for your pup - This is especially important during cold weather and when visiting dog parks that have water access!
  5. Always bring healthy treats - Having fun can leave a dog hungry. Make sure to pack some healthy treats! If you want to pack something other than kibble or store-bought treats, check out this guide on healthy human food for dogs!
  6. Make sure your pup is vaccinated - Complete and updated dog vaccinations may be required at your chosen Denver dog park. Even if this requirement is not explicitly said, having complete vaccinations for your furry companion will ward off transmissible disease that might come from other dogs.  

→Check out our TUPP’s Guide on Canine Vaccines

  1. Assess if your pup is ready for an off-leash dog park - If your pup is still not easily controllable on a leash or is too reactive to other dogs, they probably need more training before going into dog park environments!
  2. Always look at the most recent dog park advisories - Anything from dangerous algal blooms to park closures can happen at any time. Make sure to check these details in advance.
  3. There are parks with high-energy and low-energy dog separations - These separations go by many names — whether it's separation between low-energy and high-energy dogs or between bigger dogs and smaller dogs. If you think your pup would benefit from this dog park feature, look for this type of dog park on this list of Denver dog parks.  

Without further ado, let’s check out some awesome off leash dog parks in Denver that you can explore with Fido!

1. Westminster Dog Park

Location: 105th Avenue and Simms St Westminster, CO 

Area: 420 acres

Special features: 

  • Partially fenced
  • Multiple terrains
  • Pet-friendly off-leash trail
  • Water access (a pond that’s open seasonally)
  • Benches

Westminster Hills Off Leash Dog Area, commonly referred to as Westminster Dog Park is a colossal canine paradise spanning 420 acres. Aside from its impressive expanse, this Denver dog park also features stunning views and has a few shaded areas. It is a popular destination for going on an adventure with Fido. 

One of the highlights of Westminster Dog Park is its spacious grassy areas where dogs can run and play. There are also a number of walking trails that you and your dog can explore. Last but not least, Westminster Dog Park has a large pond where dogs can swim and cool off on hot summer days. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a water-loving canine!

In terms of amenities, Westminster Dog Park has fresh drinking water available for Fido and family. There are also benches situated in shady areas so that pet parents can rest as their furkid socializes and exercises. 

Westminster Dog Park is the largest off leash dog park that we’ve listed here. It is a must-see destination that’s best for pups that have already mastered off leash training and reliable recall. If you haven’t had a chance to instill these skill sets into your pup, start with training at home — and then practice these skills on smaller-sized, fully fenced dog parks first like Berkeley Dog Park, Barnum Dog Park, and Fuller Dog Park.

Photo of Westminster Dog Park, one of the largest Denver dog parks
Source: www.doggeek.com

2. Cherry Creek Dog Park

Location: In Cherry Creek State Park; 4201 S Parker Rd Aurora, CO 80014

Area of dog park: 107 acres

Special features: 

  • Within a state park
  • Convenient waste stations
  • Multiple terrains
  • Pet-friendly off-leash trail
  • Water access (Cherry Creek)

Cherry Creek State Park is a popular destination for various types of outdoor recreation. There are dedicated areas for activities like hiking with dogs, biking, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and having a picnic. One of the most popular areas for pet parents is the Dog Off Leash Area (DOLA) in Cherry Creek State Park. Many people refer to this dog park simply as “Cherry Creek Dog Park.”

Though dogs need to be on their leash when they’re in the other parts of Cherry Creek State Park, Cherry Creek Dog Park is where they can run free in a 107-acre, fenced area. Cherry Creek Dog Park is spacious and features pet-friendly, off-leash trails and various terrains for dogs to experience (e.g. wetlands, grass prairies.) In addition, Cherry Creek flows through this Denver dog park, making it a great option for water-loving canines. 

When it comes to amenities, Cherry Creek Dog Park has convenient waste stations so that pet parents can easily clean up after their pups. 

Grass prairies, wetlands, and a creek flowing through — all these elements hint at Cherry Creek Dog Park’s untamed natural beauty. It’s one of few Denver dog parks to offer this experience and that’s what keeps regular patrons coming back!

Photo of Cherry Creek Dog Park, one of the largest Denver dog park
Source: cpw.state.co.us

3. Chatfield Dog Park

Location: In Chatfield State Park; 11500 N Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton, CO 

Area of dog park: ~70 acres

Special features: 

  • Within a state park
  • Multiple terrains
  • Pet-friendly off-leash paved and unpaved trails
  • Water access (two ponds)
  • Water fountains
  • Picnic tables

Next on our list of Denver dog parks is Chatfield Dog Park, located inside Chatfield State Park. Chatfield State Park is well-known for its uniquely beautiful sceneries and abundant wildlife. Chatfield State Park is a popular destination for hiking with dogs, birdwatching, camping, boating, water skiing, and fishing.  

The Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA) in Chatfield State Park, referred to by some as the Chatfield Dog Park is the designated area where pups can run free and socialize with other dogs in a fenced, 70-acre expanse. Chatfield Dog Park is pup-ular for a reason. It features varied terrain, paved trails, and dirt paths. This Denver dog park also has two ponds where pups can play or cool down during the warmer seasons. 

The DOLA in Chatfield State Park also has great amenities for both pets and pet parents. Chatfield Dog Park has convenient waste stations, water fountains, and picnic tables to rest on.

In summary, the Chatfield Dog Park is packed with options for you and your pup. It’s varied terrains, landscape, and water access make it an absolute canine paradise!

Photo of Chatfield Dog Park, one of the off leash dog parks
Source: www.alltrails.com

4. Lowry Dog Park

Location: Yosemite Way & E 4th Pl, Denver, CO 

Area: ~70 acres

Special features: 

  • Sandy and grassy turfs
  • Separate areas for smaller and larger dogs
  • Dog agility course
  • Benches

Lowry Dog Park is a popular dog park located in the Lowry neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. While the park is relatively small compared to prior Denver dog parks on this list, it has plenty to offer! 

Lowry Dog Park is a fully fenced off leash dog park that provides a safe and secure environment for dogs to run and play off-leash. There are two separate areas for large and small dogs, ensuring that dogs can safely play with other dogs of the same size range. When it comes to terrain, this Denver dog park has sandy and grassy areas that your pup will enjoy running on. 

As far as amenities are concerned, Lowry Dog Park has something that a number of dog parks don’t have: an agility course. If you’re looking to train your dog to weave and jump through obstacles, now’s your chance! It is such a beneficial physical and mental exercise for Fido. Another highlighted amenity is the dog park’s benches where pet parents can take a breather while watching their fur baby enjoy pup paradise. 

It can be said that Lowry Dog Park offers the best of both worlds. It has a large area to explore but it offers conveniences that are more common in smaller dog parks — such as having a clean sandy terrain and having separate areas for dogs based on size. It’s bound to give any pup a howling good time!

Source: www.topdogparks.com

5. Berkeley Dog Park

Location: In Berkeley Lake Park; CO-95, Denver, CO

Area: ~2 acres

Special features: 

  • Pea gravel surface
  • Separate areas for smaller/older dogs and large dogs
  • Benches
  • A pavilion near the entrance
  • Water and tennis balls provided by volunteers

Berkeley Lake Park is a popular destination for families. It has a playground, picnic areas, a recreation center (William Scheitler Recreation Center), and the Berkeley Lake Park Loop, a 1.1-mile, mild lakeside loop trail that is also dog-friendly. In all these areas, dogs are kept on leash. However, Berkeley Lake Park has an off leash dog park, known as Berkeley Dog Park.  

Though Berkeley Dog Park is small compared to other dog parks we’ve covered so far, it has plenty to offer. Berkeley Dog Park’s terrain is pea gravel — which means that the area does not get too muddy even after rain or snow. This type of dog park terrain has the best chance of keeping your pup’s paws and fur clean. This is also one of the off leash dog parks that are fully fenced, providing a safe and secure environment for dogs to play off-leash. There are two separate areas for large and small dogs which allows pups to interact with other dogs of the same size. 

Berkeley Dog Park does not come with a long list of amenities, but sometimes park volunteers hand out water bottles and tennis balls for dogs to play with. There is also a waste bag dispenser and benches for pet parents to rest on while Fido enjoys the sweet taste of off-leash freedom.   

All in all, Berkeley Dog Park is a go-to place for laidback recreation. Check out its dog-friendly trail, let Fido run loose in the off leash dog park, or just admire the natural beauty of Berkeley Lake. Absolutely pawsome!

Photo of Berkeley Dog Park, one of the smaller-sized Denver dog parks
Source: www.foursquare.com

6. Barnum Dog Park

Location: In Barnum Park; 360 Hooker St, Denver, CO

Area: 1 acre

Special features: 

  • Pea gravel surface
  • Separate areas for smaller/older dogs and large dogs
  • Convenient waste stations
  • Benches

Denver’s scenic Barnum Park is a go-to for scenic views of the city and an easygoing stroll on paved paths. Barnum Park also has a small lake, a splash pad, and a recreation center for patrons to enjoy. Though dogs need to be on a leash in other areas of the park, they can run free in Barnum Park’s charmingly simple, no-frills dog park!

Barnum Dog Park has some similarities to Berkeley Dog Park. They are both fully fenced, have separate areas for high energy dogs vs mellow canines, and feature a pea gravel terrain. As mentioned earlier, pea gravel does not get muddy as easily as bare or grassy terrains — which is good news for pet parents that are worried about mud-loving furkids.

Barnum Dog Park has a short list of amenities which includes benches for resting and convenient waste dispensers. Patrons are encouraged to refill these waste dispensers to help keep them well-stocked at all times — so it could be great to bring a few extra for sharing with your Denver neighbors! Though amenities are few in Barnum Dog Park (when compared to other off leash dog parks), it’s still a secure space for letting canine pups run free, socialize, and get the wiggles out! 

Check out Barnum Dog Park today and get ready for scenic views, a friendly community, and a pup-tastic time with Fido!

Photo of Barnum Dog Park, one of the smaller-sized Denver dog parks
Source: www.denverpost.com

7. Fuller Dog Park

Location: 2801 N Williams St, Denver, CO

Area: <1 acre 

Special features: 

  • Sandy surface
  • Separate areas for high-energy and low-energy dogs

Situated on Williams St. is one of the smaller Denver dog parks on this list. But what Fuller Dog Park lacks in size, it makes up for with a number of positive attributes. 

For starters, Fuller Dog Park is one of the fully fenced, off-leash dog parks that are less than 1 acre in area. Being on the smaller side, this dog park could be a great starting point for off-leash training. Before taking Fido to larger dog parks like Chatfield Dog Park, Cherry Creek Dog Park, or even the massive Westminster Dog Park,  pet parents can test their furkid’s heel or reliable recall in this open yet modest fenced area. Because the park separates high-energy and low-energy dogs, pups are able to interact with dogs of similar temperament. The sandy terrain is also soft and easy on a canine’s feet. 

Fuller Dog Park does not offer a long list of amenities — but they do offer the basics that make a big difference. For example, Fuller Dog Park has dog bowls that can be topped up in a nearby fountain. In addition, Fuller Dog Park has waste bag dispensers. Similar to Berkeley Dog Park and Barnum Dog Park, the city encourages visitors to help in restocking dispensers in Fuller Dog Park.  

All in all, Fuller Dog Park has all the basics covered and is a go-to destination for pet parents in the area. Definitely a park to check out with Fido for a day of simple enjoyment!

Photo of Fuller Dog Park, one of the smaller-sized off leash Denver dog parks
Source: www.foursquare.com

Final Thoughts About Fenced Dog Parks in Denver, Colorado

This concludes our detailed look into some of the best Denver dog parks for off-leash fun! In the city of Denver, it is important to keep canines leashed unless you are in a designated off-leash area such as the ones above. In addition, make sure to get a dog license , completed set of dog vaccines, and updated heartworm preventives before going to the off leash dog parks listed here. 

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