10 Best Pet Stores in Denver, CO

A dog in a pet store in Denver

Looking for dog treats, cat treats, pet food, toys, heartworm preventives, pet vitamins, and other pet care supplies in Denver? The good news is that there are plenty of stores selling pet supplies in Denver. With so many options, deciding which pet store to check out next or finding your go-to pet store in Denver can be challenging.

Our team at Sploot Vets is here to help! We’ve curated the best stores for pet supplies in Denver. Along the way, we will also talk about SplootRX, our very own online pet store and pharmacy, featuring a wide range of vet-approved products, with same- or next-day delivery!

Featured Pet Stores in Denver

1. Two Pals & a Pup

  • Location: 2800 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Pet store in Denver, pet supplies, unique dog treats, cakes for dogs, dog cookies, dog apparel, dog accessories store

Two Pals & a Pup is a pet store in Denver that specializes in unique baked treats for dogs. Pet parents and pups love their decorated canine cookies and specialty dog cakes, perfect for every pup’s birthday parties, gotcha days, or just because. 

Aside from their baked canine treats, they also sell dog chews, dog accessories, and stylish dog apparel for all seasons. With their variety of products and great customer service, it’s no wonder that Two Pals & a Pup is one of the most well-loved pet stores in Denver!

A tray of dog cookies from Two Pals & a Pup, a pet store in Denver
Source: www.instagram.com/2palspup

2. Three Dog Bakery

  • Location: 1503 Boulder St., Denver, CO 
  • Highlights: Pet store in Denver, pet supplies, unique dog treats, gourmet dog pastries, cakes for dogs

Since 1989, Three Dog Bakery has been delighting pups with their unique, freshly baked dog treats and cakes. You can buy delicious dog cakes from this pet store in Denver with your pup. They also offer a variety of dog treats, including super-food-infused treats, peanut butter goodies, savory bites, and more! 

Though some of their treats can be purchased online or through retail sellers, visiting Three Dog Bakery on Boulder St. is an experience that will bring joy to just about any pup.    

3. Cosmo's Dog Bakery & Pet Supplies

  • Location: 10111 W 26th Ave #101, Wheat Ridge, CO
  • Highlights: Pet store in Denver, pet supplies, customizable colorful dog cakes, dog biscuits, dog treat monthly subscription, pet supplies for dogs and cats

Cosmo’s Dog Bakery will make your day with their dazzling dog cake designs that are customizable and available for ordering online. They also have dog biscuits of various shapes and flavors, ready to be tried by your four-legged treat connoisseur! 

With so many Cosmo’s dog biscuits to try, they also offer an easy way for pups to try them all. Pet parents can opt for a monthly dog treat subscription, which delivers a surprise dog treat box each month.

A dog cake from Cosmo’s Dog Bakery, a pet store in Denver and dog treat bakery
Source: www.cosmosdogbakery.com

4. Bonez 4 Budz

  • Location: Stanley Marketplace; 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO
  • Highlights: pet store, pet supplies near Denver, pet treats, pet accessories, pet enrichment toys, pet mental stimulation

Situated in Central Park’s vibrant Stanley Marketplace, Bonez 4 Buds is a pet supply store near Denver that carries a variety of products for dogs and cats, with a focus on pet enrichment. They stock up on pet toys for dogs and cats that offer plenty of mental stimulation and encourage natural behaviors like chewing, smelling, and scavenging. At Bonez 4 Budz, pet parents can find various pet puzzle toys, snuffle mats, slow feeders, and more.

Aside from pet enrichment toys, Bonez 4 Budz also has an assortment of pet accessories and rawhide-free, eco-friendly pet treats. It is a must-visit pet store for high-quality pet supplies.

5. SplootRX (Online Pet Store)

  • Location: ONLINE - Denver
  • Highlights: Online pet store in Denver, pet supplies, pet food, heartworm preventives, flea/tick preventives, medications, pet supplies for dogs and cats, dog toys, cat toys

Looking to get high-quality, vet-preferred pet supplies, pet food, and pet medications in Denver — from the comfort of your own home? Check out SplootRX, Sploot’s online pet store in Denver, made in partnership with Vetsource

SplootRX is stocked with veterinarian-preferred pet supplies, including a variety of pet food, vitamins, supplements, flea/tick preventives, heartworm preventives, and more! 

We have a variety of great products for both dogs and cats. Check out our store today and enjoy awesome deals — as well as convenient same- and next-day deliveries.

A photo of SplootRX, an online pet store in Denver stocked with healthy pet food, pet supplements, and more vet-preferred pet supplies

6. Anderson's Natural Pet Foods

  • Location: ONLINE - Denver, also available in a number of pet stores
  • Highlights: Online pet store in Denver, pet store for natural dog food, available in various Denver stores

Anderson’s Natural Pet Foods offers natural dog food with healthy ingredients and a variety of protein sources like beef, bison, elk, lamb, and pork. Aside from dog food, they also sell dog treats like jerky sticks, pet food toppers, savory bits, and bones

Order dog food and treats from their online store or from a variety of Denver pet stores that sell Anderson’s Natural Pet Foods!

7. Lily’s Bath & Biscuits

  • Location:4051 Tejon St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: self-serve dog wash or dog bath, pet store, high-quality pet supplies in Denver for dogs and cats, pet food, pet toys, pet accessories, unique dog treats

Lily’s Bath & Biscuits is a pet store in Denver that truly goes above and beyond. They have a variety of creatively baked dog treats like donuts, cookies, tiny dog cakes, and more — great for your pup or for gifting to another dog parent. They also stock up on a wide variety of pet supplies, from necessities to nice-to-haves. They have dog toys, cat toys, leashes, pet beds, lick mats, slow feeders, treat bags, dog bandanas, and more1

With an assortment of pet supplies available, delicious dog treats, and their self-serve, fully-equipped dog wash, Lily’s Bath & Biscuits has plenty to offer for any discerning pet parent and their fur baby!

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Lily’s Bath & Biscuits, a pet supplies store in Denver with a self-serve dog wash
Source: www.lilysbathsandbiscuits.com

8. Urban Dogg

  • Location: 695 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO; AND 278 S Downing St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: pet groomer, pet store, high-quality pet supplies in Denver for dogs and cats, pet food, pet treats

Urban Dogg is both a Denver pet store and a provider of pet grooming services. They stock up on a variety of high quality pet supplies, pet food, and pet treats for both dogs and cats — which are from well-known brands like Acana, NutriSource, Earthborn, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, and more.

Aside from getting tasty treats and healthy pet food, pet parents can also avail of Urban Dogg’s full-service grooming services for dogs and cats. Urban Dogg is definitely a must-visit for premium nutrition and great grooming!

9. A Pet’s Paradise

  • Location: 913 Corona St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Pet store, pet supplies in Denver for dogs and cats, natural pet food, supplements, pet toys, pet accessories, pet apparel, pet grooming supplies

A Pet’s Paradise is a pet supplies store in Denver that is well-loved for their thoughtfully selected pet care products. They carry a variety of natural dog food and natural cat food options, as well as delicious treats for both dogs and cats.

A Pet’s Paradise also stocks up on dog toys, cat toys, pet grooming supplies, pet supplies for oral care, and seasonal apparel for dogs and cats. 

A Pet’s Paradise, a pet supplies store in Denver
Source: www.instagram.com/apetsparadise/

10. Simpawtico

  • Location: 4500 W 38th Ave Suite 110, Denver, CO
  • Highlights:  Pet store in Denver, pet supplies for dogs and cats, pet food, pet treats, pet supplements, pet accessories and toys

Simpawtico is a pet supplies store in Denver that has aisles of healthy pet products and high-quality pet accessories. This Denver pet store carries pet food and pet treats from well-known brands, as well as a variety of pet supplements for dogs and cats. 

In addition, Simpawtico also offers pet care essentials like dog toys, cat toys, beds, bowls, leashes, and more.

Final Thoughts on Denver Pet Stores & SplootRX

This wraps up our list of the best pet stores in Denver that are worth visiting. Nearly all pet stores have something special to offer — whether it’s customizable dog cakes, self-serve dog washes, pet enrichment toys, natural pet food, etc. 

At SplootRX, Sploot’s online pet store, we offer convenient access to high-quality pet care products. We empower pet parents to easily get vet-preferred pet food, supplements, and preventives from the comfort of home — with amazing deals and same-day or next-day delivery available. Check out SplootRX today!

An overview of SplootRX, an online pet store in Denver, providing high-quality pet food, supplements, pet medications, and more

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