The 8 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Denver, CO

A dog at a dog friendly restaurant or dog friendly patio in Denver, CO

A true haven for dog lovers, Denver is home to numerous dog friendly establishments, including dog friendly restaurants. Such restaurants have dog friendly patios where you and Fido can unwind. However, a patio alone does not a dog-friendly restaurant make! 

On this list, we feature dog friendly restaurants that go above and beyond in making Fido feel welcome — whether it’s through dog treats, complimentary water bowls, a dedicated dog menu, etc.

Featured Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Denver

1. The Green Collective

  • Location: 2158 W 32nd Ave Unit 100, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Fast-casual breakfast & lunch; organic menu; dog-friendly restaurant, dog treats available*; shaded patio*

The Green Collective is a fast-casual restaurant in Denver that’s known for their organic menu and a dog-friendly atmosphere. Being one of the most dog friendly restaurants in the area, this is the perfect place to grab a delicious, healthy breakfast or lunch with your four-legged best friend!

The Green Collective Menu & Ambiance

The Green Collective is a serene and inviting place, perfect for enjoying organic salads, toasts, smoothies, cold-pressed juice, and more! Their menu proves that ‘tasty’ and ‘healthy’ are not mutually exclusive. 

As you enter The Green Collective, you are met with their refreshingly light interiors that are beautifully matched with a high ceiling and plenty of natural light. They offer comfortable seating indoors and outdoors. 

What Makes Green Collective a Dog Friendly Restaurant?

The Green Collective has outdoor seating where dogs are welcome. Their outdoor seating area is shaded, which means that you and Fido will be shielded during sunny days.*

They also have dog treats available. Your pup can enjoy The Green Collective’s Bow Wow Bowl (a smoothie bowl made for pups) or sweet potato & peanut butter balls.*

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

Two dogs enjoying a pup cup at The Green Collective, a dog friendly patio or dog friiendly restaurant in Denver

2. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

  • Locations: 14618 Delaware St., Westminster, Denver, CO; 43 Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO; and 24110 E. State Ave, Aurora, CO
  • Highlights: Casual dining; ‘elevated comfort food’, dog-friendly restaurant, a dedicated dog menu, shaded patio*

The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is a casual dining restaurant with multiple locations all over the country. In Denver, Lazy Dog has three locations; all of which are dog-friendly!

The Lazy Dog Menu & Ambiance

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar showcases lodge-like interiors that make the place cozy and inviting. The interiors also have warm lighting, upholstered seats, and wooden accents that enhance the welcoming vibe of the place. The outdoor seating is just as welcoming. Mostly shaded, these outdoor patios look and feel integrated with the rest of the establishment. 

The Lazy Dog Menu features what the restaurant owner fondly calls ‘elevated comfort food.’ Choose from a wide selection of delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, noodles, and more — as you unwind with Fido in this big restaurant with a small-town charm.  

What Makes Lazy Dog a Dog-Friendly Restaurant?

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is one of the most dog friendly restaurants around. Depending on which Lazy Dog Restaurant you go to, a majority of their patio area is shaded, providing protection from the elements.*

Lazy Dog is also one of the few dog friendly restaurants that offer a dedicated dog menu. Granted, this dog menu is nowhere near as expansive as their menu for people, but with canine favorites like chicken breast and hamburger patty (plus a complimentary water bowl), they offer enough to let Fido know that he’s a restaurant patron too!*

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

3. Just BE Kitchen

  • Location: 2364 15th St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Fast-casual breakfast and lunch; gluten- & grain-free menu; dog-friendly restaurant, dog treats available; water bowl for dogs, shaded patio*

In the mood for gluten- and grain-free, healthy food? Then grab a healthy breakfast or lunch with Fido at Just BE Kitchen!

Just Be Kitchen Menu & Ambiance

Just BE Kitchen has an extensive menu that’s full of delicious and healthy items like salads, wraps, breakfast burritos, and more. Though vegetarian, vegan, keto, etc. options abound, there’s something for everyone here. For people who love hamburgers, try their healthy take on this old favorite!

The interior and exterior of Just BE Kitchen have a serene light blue theme with a minimalist look. Their dog friendly patio is relatively spacious and has surrounding walls that make the area feel like a part of the rest of the establishment.  

What Makes Just Be Kitchen a Dog Friendly Restaurant?

Similar to many items on this list of dog friendly restaurants, Just BE Kitchen has a shaded patio that provides protection from direct sunlight. (This overhead shading, however, may not be enough to shield patrons and pups from rain.)*

In addition to comfortable shading, Just BE Kitchen may also have paleo dog treats available and the staff will happily provide a water bowl for your four-legged best friend!*

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

The signage of Just BE Kitchen, a dog friendly patio or dog friendly restaurant in Denver
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4. Stella's Coffee Haus

  • Location:  1476 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO
  • Highlights:  Coffee shop, dog-friendly cafe, dog treats & pup cups, water bowl for dogs, shaded patio*

A hip and cozy spot, Stella’s Coffee Haus is known for its great ambiance and dog-friendly vibe. With that said, it’s one of the best places for dog lovers to enjoy gourmet coffee (or tea)! 

Stella’s Coffee Haus Menu & Ambiance

Coffee is the primary focus at Stella's, where you can order from the standard menu or ask your barista about their own intriguing creations. You'll find an abundance of espresso drinks, iced drinks, and non-coffee drinks. Meanwhile, the food menu includes a selection of pastries and packaged snacks to keep your stomach happy.

As for the ambiance of Stella’s Coffee Haus, there is plenty to be said. The interior features home-like elements such as an exposed brick wall and comfortable wooden tables and chairs. Stella’s Coffee Haus’ outdoor porch is no less inviting. Guests love to gather around the outdoor fire pits and strike up a conversation with fellow patrons.

What Makes Stella’s Coffee Haus a Dog Friendly Restaurant?

The outdoor seating of Stella’s Coffee Haus is either on the porch of the old home or adjacent to it. Getting a seat on the porch itself will provide you and Fido protection from direct sunlight and rain.*

Stella's Coffee Haus loves dogs. They offer dog biscuits to pups now and then. You can also get a water bowl for your dog. Last but not least, you may also be able to get a pup cup for Fido to enjoy.* 

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

5. Wild Taco Denver - Govs Park

  • Location: 215 East 7th Ave, Denver, CO 
  • Highlights: Mexican cuisine; signature tacos and more; dog-friendly restaurant, shaded outdoor area*

In the mood for signature tacos, burritos, and delicious cocktails? Wild Taco is your ultimate destination for an authentic Mexican culinary experience. They’re dog-friendly too!

Wild Taco Menu & Ambience

Wild Taco offers a wide variety of signature tacos — as well as other crowd favorites like burritos, nachos, carnitas, ceviche, churros, and more. Their drinks menu is also extensive with plenty of creative signature cocktails, seasonal cocktails, wines, and more.

As for the ambience, Wild Taco has rustic modern interiors with festive hints. Their welcoming atmosphere invites you to unwind and enjoy every moment. 

What Makes Wild Taco a Dog-Friendly Restaurant?co

Wild Taco offers dog-friendly outdoor seating where your furry best friend is welcome. 

This area is shaded, helping shield against direct sunlight.

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

6. Colorado Campfire 

  • Location: 400 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: American cuisine, extensive drinks menu and signature cocktails; two outdoor seating areas; has a fireplace; dog-friendly restaurant*

Get the campfire vibe without leaving the Denver Metro Area. Colorado Campfire is a restaurant that offers savory food, a warm fire, and a dog-friendly outdoor seating area where you and your pup can hang out. 

Colorado Campfire Menu & Ambience

Colorado Campfire offers good old American cuisine, featuring crowd-pleasers like their signature hamburgers, smoked wings, tater tots, french fries, and more. Pair these with their exquisite whiskey, signature cocktail, or wine  — as you enjoy the calming industrial-rustic ambience and the warmth of a nearby fireplace.

What Makes Colorado Campfire a Dog-Friendly Restaurant?

Colorado Campfire has two outdoor seating areas on the sidewalk where dogs are welcome. These outdoor seating areas are also partially fenced, providing a more secure atmosphere that feels connected to the rest of the restaurant.

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

7. Angelo’s Taverna

  • Location: 620 E 6th Ave, Denver, CO
  • Highlights:  Pizza and oyster bar; dog-friendly restaurant, shaded patio, spacious patio, heated patio*

Craving oysters, pizza, or both? Angelo’s Taverna is the place to be! This dog-friendly restaurant is a relaxing hangout and your go-to place for delicious oysters.

Angelo’s Taverna Menu & Ambience

Aside from oysters and pizza, Angelo’s Taverna’s menu has plenty of delectable and filling options — such as pasta, calzones, stramboli, ravioli, and more. Meanwhile, their drinks menu features a variety of beer, wine, cocktails, and oyster shooters to match.The vibe or ambience of Angelo’s Taverna is bright and spacious with a touch of warmth from wooden accents and exposed brick.

What Makes Angelo’s Taverna a Dog-Friendly Restaurant?

Angelo’s Taverna is a dog-friendly restaurant with a spacious outdoor patio. There is a comfortable spacing in between tables, providing added ease for pups. Tables are also shaded by umbrellas, providing protection from direct sunlight and light rain. During cold seasons, heating may be available.

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

The spacious patio of Angelo’s Taverna, a dog-friendly restaurant in Denver

8. Washington Park Grille

  • Location: 1096 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO
  • Highlights: Modern twists on American-Italian cuisine; live music; dog-friendly restaurant, shaded patio*

Searching for delicious American-Italian cuisine? Check out Washington Parke Grille’s exquisite grilled dishes, pasta, and more. 

Washington Park Grille’s Menu & Ambience

Washington Park Grill offers a variety of menu items. Whether you are ordering homemade pizza, pasta, or grilled delights, you can enjoy the delightful fusion of flavors crafted with care — and served in a warm and inviting ambience that keeps guests coming back for more.

What Makes Washington Park Grille a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Washington Park Grille has a spacious outdoor seating area that is partially enclosed and shaded. Dogs are welcome on this outdoor patio.

*Pet policies and dog-friendly inclusions/items may change. Make sure to confirm with these dog friendly restaurants before your visit with Fido.

Final Reminders Before Going to Dog Friendly Restaurants & Patios

We’d like to remind pet parents to have updated dog vaccines for Fido before going to any of these dog friendly restaurants. This helps protect canine companions from common transmissible diseases that they can pick up from other dogs or infected surfaces. 

In addition, taking a regular heartworm preventive (which protects your dog from heartworm and common species of intestinal worms), is highly recommended. 

If you have further questions, we're here to help! Sploot Veterinary Care a primary & urgent care veterinary clinic with multiple vet clinics across Denver. We are open 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays

So whether you need to update on your dog's vaccines or heartworm preventives before visiting these dog friendly restaurants, drop by our vet clinics any day of the week! Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!