Dog Adoption: 5 Best Dog Shelters in Denver, CO

A dog up for dog adoption in Denver, wearing a bandana saying "Adopt Me"

Denver, Colorado is a city known for its stunning mountain views, vibrant culture, outdoor adventures, and a thriving community of dog lovers. For many Denver residents, dogs are more than just pets; they're cherished companions and family members. This is why there are various dog-friendly establishments (restaurants, hotels, etc) as well as dog-friendly activities in Denver. 

However, unfortunately, not every dog in Denver has a loving home or a family to cherish. Thankfully, there are numerous dog shelters in the Mile-High City dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. 

In this article, we'll explore dog adoption in Denver and highlight some of the best shelters for dog adoption near Denver.

Contents & Featured Dog Shelters in Denver

A dog parent happily walking with their fur baby after a successful dog adoption in Denver

How Do I Get a Dog in Denver, Colorado? 

A majority of dogs in Denver, Colorado either come from licensed pet breeders or from dog shelters in Denver. We’d like to highlight that dog adoption in Denver is a significantly more cost-effective choice — as well as a remarkable opportunity to provide a loving home to a dog in need. 

In addition, dog shelters in Denver present a vast range of options as there are hundreds of dogs and puppies looking for a home. Make sure to choose a dog shelter in Denver that takes time to get to know their dogs — the better they know their pups, the better a pet parent can be matched with the best canine companion for them.  

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Dog in Colorado?

Getting a dog from a pet breeder may cost thousands of dollars per puppy; in comparison, dog adoption involves an adoption fee that ranges from around $300 to $600 (as of the writing of this article).

The Best Shelters for Dog Adoption in Denver

Looking to adopt a dog from one of Denver’s dog shelters? The following are our top picks at Sploot Vets:

1. A Friend of Jack Rescue

  • Location: 1180 S Tejon St, Denver CO
  • Highlights: foster-based, non-profit dog shelter, dog adoption, puppy adoption

A Friend of Jack Rescue is a top-rated non-profit dog shelter in Denver operated by a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about animal welfare. A Friend of Jack Rescue offers a wide range of dogs and puppies for adoption

Being foster-based, this dog shelter offers numerous advantages, including individualized care and a thorough understanding of each dog’s personality, which they share on their website.  

2. Lifeline Puppy Dog Rescue

  • Location: 15171 Riverdale Rd, Brighton, CO
  • Highlights: non-profit, no-kill dog shelter, fosters, puppy adoption

Lifeline Puppy Dog Rescue is a well-loved, no-kill dog shelter that specializes in finding forever homes for puppies. To date, they have saved over 44,000 puppies in the west and midwestern United States.

Lifeline Puppy Dog Rescue offers the regular on-site adoption as well as a VIP Experience for to-be pet parents that want to skip the line and find their VIP (very important puppy!

Volunteers at Lifeline Puppy Dog Rescue, a dog shelter in Denver that provides dog adoption services

3. Sloppy Kisses Animal Rescue

  • Location: Unavailable — view their contact information instead.
  • Highlights: volunteer-based, foster-based, dog adoption, cat adoption

Founded by a group of animal advocates, Sloppy Kisses Animal Rescue is on the mission to rescue as many homeless dogs and cats as possible. They collaborate with animal shelters facing high numbers of homeless animals, facilitating the transportation of homeless animals to Colorado, where they are fostered and ultimately adopted into loving homes.

Sloppy Kisses Animal Rescue’s website contains detailed information about their adoptable dogs, down to the pup’s history and personality. 

4. Rescue Puppy Yoga

  • Location: Unavailable — contact them here.
  • Highlights: a rescue resource, connected with various dog shelters, hosts regular yoga-themed puppy adoption events

Rescue Puppy Yoga is not your typical dog shelter; however, Their positive impact as a rescue resource resonates with various partner dog shelters, pet parents who have found their perfect puppy companion, and, of course, the puppies they have helped. 

Rescue Puppy Yoga hosts regular puppy adoption events in Denver (among other locations), typically in the form of puppy yoga. Puppy yoga combines traditional yoga practice with the playful presence of adorable puppies. Not only is this great for lowering stress, it may just be the perfect setting to meet a very special puppy. 

5. Soul Dog Rescue

  • Location: 1245 Factory Dr, Fort Lupton, CO
  • Highlights: non-profit dog shelter, fosters, dog adoption, puppy adoption, cat adoption

Soul Dog Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization with a dog shelter in Fort Lupton, around 40 minutes from Denver. They have a variety of adoptable dogs and cats; their website contains detailed information about each adoptable animal, down to personality traits and behaviors that to-be pet parents can refer to.  

On top of helping dogs get adopted and find loving homes, Soul Dog Rescue also actively promotes animal welfare by advocating for spaying and neutering pets as a proactive measure to mitigate overpopulation.

A van used by Soul Dog Rescue, a dog shelter in Denver that offers dog adoption services

Final Thoughts on Dog Adoption in Denver

This wraps up our article on dog adoption in Denver and the best dog shelters to check out. At Sploot, we are passionate about animal rescue and adoption — as reflected in our own puppy adoption events and partnerships with dog shelters. 

Follow us on Instagram (@splootvets) to stay updated on our upcoming adoption events — as well as dog-friendly events for Denver pet parents.As an added note, make sure to check out these helpful pet parenting resources, carefully put together by the Sploot team!

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