The 5 Best Dog Boarding in Denver, CO

Denver, a city known for its love of pets, offers a plethora of options when it comes to dog boarding. Whether you're planning a trip or just need temporary care for your furry friend, dog boarding Denver facilities are here to provide a safe and comfortable home away from home for your beloved canine companion. 

Denver's diverse range of options ensures that you can find the perfect place to leave your dog when you can't be with them. Discover the best dog boarding that Denver has to offer in this guide.

What’s in This Guide? 

Camp Bow Wow

Location: 1221 S Cherokee St, Denver, CO; 3645 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO; & 2125 S Jasmine St, Denver, CO 

Highlights: multiple locations across Denver, all-day play, optional individual enrichment activities. individual spaces, live webcams

If you’re looking to give your pup an enriching holiday while you’re away, Camp Bow Wow is the place to be. With convenient locations in Denver, Camp Bow Wow is a trusted dog boarding Denver facility that has plenty to offer for playful pups. 

Pups staying at Camp Bow Wow play and socialize all day and rest in individual, comfortable spaces each night. Each ‘Cabin’ at Camp Bow Wow comes with comfortable bedding and fleece blankets. During the day, pups have access to spacious play areas under the watchful eye of dedicated staff. Pet parents can also choose to get ‘Individual Enrichment’ activities to further customize Fido’s boarding experience. Pet parents can check on their pup’s fun stay at Camp Bow Wow by viewing live webcams

All in all Camp Bow Wow gives a healthy blend of socialization, play, and relaxation in a secure environment. It’s definitely one of the best dog boarding facilities in Denver!

A dog resting in a dog boarding Denver ‘Cabin’ in Camp Bow Wow
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Hounds Town

Location: 1369 W. Byers Place, Denver, CO

Highlights: convenient location in Denver - Baker, all-day play, tiered individual accommodations, pet spa services

Nestled in Denver’s highly-esteemed Baker neighborhood, Hounds Town is a dog boarding facility that gives pups the perfect 'pupcation'. 

At Hounds Town, pups enjoy morning and evening room service while they stay in their ‘Townhome’, ‘Luxury Condo’, or 'Penthouse Suite'. These tiered accommodations all promise a restful night’s sleep — each being a sanctuary for Fido at the end of each activity-packed day. And since Hounds Town also offers pet spa services, you can have your pup looking, feeling, and smelling their very best! (Think Fido would care for a Blueberry Facial?)

At Hounds Town, dogs can expect top-notch care, engaging activities, and comfortable accommodations. It truly is one of the best dog boarding Denver facilities!

Wag Hotels

Location: 24735 E 75th Ave 104 Ste 104, Denver, CO

Highlights: convenient location next to the Denver International Airport, open 24/7, tiered doggy accommodations, playgroups, add-on services for a customized experience, webcams in certain rooms

With a convenient location near the Denver International Airport, Wag Hotels is a go-to dog boarding Denver facility for many pet parents. They are open and staffed 24/7, making pick-ups and drop-offs a breeze. 

At Wag Hotels, dogs get luxurious accommodations in Private Rooms, Suites, or Ultra Suites, with special room features (e.g. classical music, TV, app-controlled treat dispenser, webcams) depending on the tier of accommodation. Pups also get their share of playtime in playgroups during certain times of the day, depending on their tier of accommodation and selected add-ons from the a la carte menu. Add-on options in this menu include activities such as Splash Time, Morning Stroll, Sunset Social — as well as various options for treats and special bedding. 

Wag Hotels offers a customized and luxurious dog boarding experience unlike any other. It is definitely one of the best dog boarding Denver facilities available!

Dog resting in Wag Hotels, one of the best dog boarding Denver facilities near to the airport
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Location: 425 Lincoln St, Denver, CO

Highlights: convenient location in Capitol Hill, playgroups, tiered dog boarding experiences, pet grooming, webcams

Situated in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, BARK! Denver is one of the best dog boarding facilities in the area, known for attentive care and personalized service. 

Bark! Denver offers spacious loft-style ‘Private Suites’ where pups can get a restful night after a fun-filled day. During the day, pups are divided into playgroups based on size and temperament. On top of playtime and socialization, pups can enjoy additional activities based on the chosen dog boarding package (e.g. Cuddle & Storytime, Puppy Postcard, etc.) — as well as other add-on activities (e.g. individual playtime, grooming) that really help create a personalized doggy vacation experience! Last but not least, webcams are also available for pet parents who want to see how their furry best friend is doing!

All in all, Bark! Denver provides dogs with exceptional care and personalized activities, making it among Denver's best dog boarding facilities!

Canine Fitness & Fun Center

Location: 5390 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO

Highlights: tiered doggy accommodations, add-on services for a customized experience, dog swimming available, pet spa, webcam access

This next dog boarding Denver facility was also featured in our article: Best Places to Take Your Dog Swimming Near Denver. It’s none other than Canine Fitness & Fun Center (CFFC) in Denver’s Goldsmith neighborhood. 

True to its name, CFFC has plenty to offer when it comes to fitness and fun — including recreational swimming, dog training, and more. They also offer dog boarding Denver services which has tiered accommodations and a solid schedule for a structured and meaningful stay. Dog spaces are also fitted with a vacuum disinfecting system to ensure cleanliness.

The dog boarding accommodations in Canine Fitness & Fun Center offer luxurious bedding and private, enclosed outdoor spaces for each dog — meaning dogs can have safe outdoor time (or potty time) whenever they want. Accommodations are tiered based on the basic activities packaged with the accomodation. Add-ons can be purchased by pet parents for additional activities, including walks, private swims, group swims, brain games, and even spa services!

Canine Fitness & Fun Center (CFFC) is a true paradise for dogs, offering an enriching and thoughtful dog boarding Denver experience that Fido will thank you for!

Group swim for dogs, one of the add-on services in Canine Fitness & Fun Center which offers dog boarding Denver services
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Final Reminders for Dog Boarding in Denver

Before scheduling dog boarding in Denver, make sure your canine companion is up-to-date on essential dog vaccinations. Dog boarding Denver facilities typically require vaccinations (e.g. Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella) to safeguard against disease transmission and ensure the well-being of all furry guests.

Additionally, don't forget to maintain your pet's parasite preventatives, which protect against issues like dog intestinal worms, heartworms, ticks, and fleas. This helps ensure that your dog's stay in boarding facilities is both safe and enjoyable.

Parasite Prevention & Dog Vaccines at Sploot Vets

Though dog boarding Denver facilities place a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, dog vaccinations and parasite preventatives offer extra layers of protection for your canine friend. If you have questions regarding the required vaccinations for dog boarding, parasite prevention, or any other preventive care measures, don't hesitate to contact our team!

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