The Best Cat Boarding in Denver, CO

Off to go on a holiday or a family reunion? Flights, accommodations, and packing lists may already be sorted but wait — what about your feline fur baby? 

Cat parents are usually faced with two options: to bring their cat or to have someone look after them. During seasons when friends may also be going out of town, finding a trusted cat sitter can be challenging. This is where cat boarding establishments come in. 

There are various establishments that offer cat boarding in Denver. Some cover basics, while some go beyond basics, with a few additional services. To help you get started on your search for the best cat boarding Denver for your feline friend, here are some top-rated options!

What’s in This Guide?

City Bark - Denver

Location: 2000 W 8th Ave, Denver, CO

Highlights: Cat condos, outdoor views, fish aquarium & TVs for entertainment, custom boarding experience can be arranged

Nestled in the heart of Denver, City Bark Denver has a reputation for excellence when it comes to caring for dogs and cats. City Bark Denver offers cat boarding in a specialized space with cat condos, indoor space for exercising, and views of the outdoors. The entire area is well-lit and relaxing. There is also an aquarium and TV to provide entertainment for inquisitive cats. 

City Bark offers all of the above basics while also giving the option to provide any personalized care that a cat may need. All in all, cat parents love this cat boarding in Denver because of the thorough care they provide, at reasonable prices!

Photos of City Bark - Denver, one of the cat boarding Denver establishments
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Wag Hotels - Denver

Location: 24735 E 75th Ave 104 Ste 104, Denver, CO

Highlights: A few minutes from the Denver airport, bi-level cat condos, cat toys, custom play structures (in a specific type of cat suite)

Next on this article about cat boarding in Denver is Wag Hotels. If you’re flying from Denver airport for your holiday, and you need cat boarding, Wag Hotels may just be the most convenient option around. Located just around 9 minutes from the Denver airport, it’s easy to drive by and drop off your cat, even on the day of the flight itself. (Though it’s always best to secure a booking in advance!) Moreover, drop-offs and pick-ups can be done 24/7, 365 days a year, a very convenient setup for traveling pet parents. 

During a cat’s stay at Wag Hotels, they get a bi-level cat condo in a climate-controlled space. Cats also get room service and 3 meals a day. At least two complimentary kitty cuddles are also included! 

All in all, cats staying at Wag Hotels are purr-fectly contented, as they are cared for by Wag Hotel’s attentive, cat-loving staff!

A photo of a cat in Wag Hotels, one of the cat boarding Denver establishments
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Evergreen Cat Lodge

Location: 32163 Soda Creek Dr, Evergreen, CO

Highlights: cats-only facility, spacious (exclusive) cat rooms, outdoor views, cat taxi available, cat webcam available

On this list of establishments that offer cat boarding in Denver, we’ve only covered those that offer both cat boarding AND dog boarding. Evergreen Cat Lodge is different. They are the only cat boarding facility that focuses exclusively on taking care of cats. 

Technically, Evergreen Cat Lodge is NOT in Denver, but it is only about half an hour’s drive away. For those who cannot make the trip, Evergreen Cat Lodge offers a cat taxi service that can pick up your feline fur baby and drop them off at what can only be described as a 5-star hotel for cats. Evergreen Cat Lodge’s cat taxi service works both ways: cats can also be given a lift back home!

During a cat’s stay at the Evergreen Cat Lodge, they get their very own spacious suite, not coming into contact with other unfamiliar boarders. They get privacy in a comfortable, stimulating space, with their customized meals delivered to them. The staff at Evergreen Cat Lodge will do their best to adhere to the cat’s original diet at home, whether that’s 3 meals a day or free feeding. 

Last but definitely not least, cat parents can request webcams to be set up in their feline companion’s suite. This way, they can check in at any time and see how their fur baby is doing. 

All in all, Evergreen Cat Lodge is a relaxing cat haven. Their dedication to go above and beyond for cat parents makes them one of the best cat boarding near Denver. See Evergreen Cat Lodge for yourself in their video!

Photos of Evergreen Cat Lodge, one of the cat boarding near Denver establishments
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Final Reminders for Cat Boarding in Denver

As of now, there aren’t many cat boarding services available in Denver — but it’s a comfort to know that the few that do offer cat boarding Denver services are doing their absolute best to create a home away from home for feline fur babies. Because providers of cat boarding are pretty sparse, we recommend booking cat boarding in advance!

Furthermore, before planning a cat boarding stay for your feline friend, it is imperative that they first get all their essential cat shots. Cat boarding establishments generally require cat vaccinations, to help prevent the inadvertent spread of disease. 

In addition, we’d also like to remind pet parents to ensure that their feline fur babies are up-to-date on their parasite preventives against heartworms, cat intestinal worms, ticks, and fleas. 

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention Strategies at Sploot Veterinary Care

Cat boarding Denver establishments do their best to sanitize spaces in between boarders but preventive measures like cat vaccines and parasite preventives help add a layer of precaution. If you have further questions about the needed vaccines for cat boarding, parasite preventives, and other preventive care measures, we’re here to help!

Sploot Veterinary Care is a primary & urgent care veterinarian with multiple locations in Denver! We offer daily appointment availability, from 10 am to 10 pm. Schedule an appointment today or come on in for a walk-in visit. 

As always, we’re with you every pounce of the way!

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