Pet Surgery in Denver

At Sploot, we provide first-class surgery for dogs and cats in Denver. With our expert veterinary team and state-of-the art surgical suites, we perform a variety of vet surgeries, including both scheduled and urgent procedures.

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Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent drop-offs welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.

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Comprehensive Surgery for Pets in Denver

Our board certified team performs a wide range of pet surgeries in Denver, from elective pet surgery to more advanced surgical procedures to treat medical issues and injuries.

1. Spaying & Neutering

In Denver, spaying and neutering is a requirement for pet licensing. This routine and preventative pet surgery also provides a range of health benefits (decreased risk of certain cancers and more) — as well as behavioral benefits for dogs and cats. 
Our team ensures stress-free care and personalized advice on the best time to get spaying or neutering for dogs and cats.

* Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) - available
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2. Mass Removals

Masses in dogs and cats can be benign or malignant (i.e., cancerous), and is a common problem we encounter in our Denver vet clinics. Trust our expert team for precise diagnoses and the safe removal of masses through pet surgery.

* Endoscopy - available depending on the case
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3.  Bladder Stone Extraction

Bladder stone extraction is a surgical procedure that can alleviate a number of uncomfortable symptoms caused by bladder stones, such as abdominal pain and difficulty urinating. Our expert veterinary team utilizes cutting-edge technology to precisely diagnose and remove these stones.

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Intestinal & Gastric Surgery for Dogs & Cats

Blockages and irregularities in a dog’s or cat’s intestines can lead to bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea. We have advanced imaging technology in-clinic to accurately and quickly diagnose gastrointestinal issues and determine if they require surgery. We treat issues like GDV, umbilical hernia, GI tumors, and more.

* Endoscopy - available depending on the case
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Ingested Foreign Body Removal

When dogs and cats accidentally ingest non-food items or foreign materials, these items may get stuck in their intestinal tract. We offer surgical techniques, guided by imaging technology, to safely extract the foreign body and restore your pet’s digestive functions.

* Endoscopy - available for mild cases
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Dental Surgery for Pets

Ensure your pet's dental health with our expert services. We offer preventative teeth cleaning and advanced dental surgery, all performed with the latest technology for your pet's comfort and safety. We can treat issues like plaque buildup, tooth decay, loose teeth, oral mass removals, and more.

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Specialty Surgery for Pets in Denver

Does your pet need a type of surgery that isn’t listed here? Contact our team for more information on specialty vet surgeries, which include trauma repair, TPLO surgery for pets, PU surgery, eye surgeries (i.e. eyelid surgery, cherry eye repair), and more.

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Urgent Care Tailored to Your Furry Friend

Bringing Your Pet to Sploot for Pet Urgent Care

Two options, same high quality of care. If you’re bringing your dog or cat to our urgent pet care clinic, we accept both walk-ins (depending on availability) and urgent intakes (drop-offs)

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Urgent Cases: Call Ahead for Efficient Care

We welcome walk-ins for pet urgent care, but as this depends on availability we recommend calling ahead

  • Be Received Immediately:  Calling ahead allows us to prepare so that we can accommodate your pet as soon as you arrive.
  • Save Time: Due to varying demands at our clinics, some may have longer wait times. A quick call enables us to direct you to a clinic with the shortest wait time, ensuring prompt attention to your pet.
  • Specialist Matching:  While all Sploot clinics are fully equipped for emergencies, some pet urgent care cases may require specialized care. By calling in advance, we can guide you to the clinic with the right specialist for your pet's specific needs.
Sploot's Urgent Intake: Immediate Care, Even on Busy Days

At Sploot, we understand that emergencies are unpredictable and often occur at the most inconvenient times. That's why we offer an Urgent Intake (drop-off) service, designed to provide immediate, expert care for your pet during urgent situations.

  • Quick and Secure Drop-Off: In an urgent case or emergency, call us and bring your pet to our clinic. We ensure a swift and safe drop-off, immediately prioritizing your pet's needs from the moment you arrive.
  • Thorough and Prompt Expert Assessment: Upon arrival, our medical team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to understand and prioritize your pet's condition, guiding our immediate care approach.
  • Comprehensive Care and Communication: We provide continuous medical supervision for your pet's safety and comfort. Expect regular updates and involvement in every decision, from assessment to treatment. When your pet is ready, we'll inform you and offer concise aftercare instructions for a seamless homecoming.

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What to Expect

Exceptional Surgery for Dogs & Cats: What to Expect

You can look forward to hands-on care from our team before, during, and after your dog’s or cat’s surgery in Denver.

I.Before Your Pet’s Surgery:

A. Scheduled Pet Surgery in Denver

Elective and routine vet surgeries can be scheduled in our Denver vet clinics. These include surgeries for dogs and cats that don’t require urgent attention. 

Our veterinarians will thoroughly assess your pet’s health and recommend the best schedule for pet surgery. They will also provide detailed instructions on preparing your dog or cat for the procedure.

B. Urgent Surgery for Pets in Denver

As part of Sploot’s commitment to providing thorough urgent care and emergency vet care services, urgent pet surgery is also available in our Denver vet clinics.

Urgent vet surgeries have tight timeframes for medical attention. These include cases of physical trauma, GDV (twisting of the intestines), anuria or lack of urine due to obstruction, bowel obstruction, and other emergency cases.

If you are faced with an emergency case, call our tele-triage. They can direct you to the best Sploot Denver vet clinic for your case. Our vet clinics operate on extended hours, 365 days a year.

II. During Your Pet’s Surgery

Attentive Care Upon Arrival

Whether you opt to stay throughout your pet’s surgery or drop them off at our vet clinic on surgery day, you can be assured that our team will provide utmost care and attentiveness to your pet, from the moment they arrive.

Transparent Communication

Our team provides constant communication on your pet’s status. If you decide to stay in-clinic for the procedure, our dedicated staff will see to it that you are comfortable and kept in the loop.

For drop-off vet care, you will receive text updates or calls, depending on your preference. 

In any scenario, pet parents are involved in pivotal treatment decisions for their pet.

III. After Your Pet’s Surgery

A Space for Rest & Recovery

After surgery, your pet may be groggy. Rest assured, they will  have a clean, comfortable place to rest and we will notify you when they are ready to be picked up.

Seamless Post-Operative Care

Once you pick up your pet after pet surgery in Denver, our team will provide detailed instruction on post-operative care, along with the recommended date for a follow-up appointment.

If you have questions or concerns at any point, call or text our team; you can also chat with our team using the Sploot Vets app.


Experienced Veterinarians

Our seasoned veterinarians specialize in various types of veterinary surgery — whether it’s a routine surgery like spaying/neutering or surgery needed to address a medical issue. You can count on us for exceptional care from pre-op to post-op. 

A Stress-Free Experience 

Pet parents aren’t just supported by experienced vets. We also have a dedicated pet parent concierge team, ready to answer questions before, during, and after the surgical operation. We also give live updates during procedures so that pet parents can be sure their furry companions are receiving the best care possible!

In-House Radiology & Lab

Radiographic exams and/or blood testing needed for virtually all surgeries. We offer these services in-house for your convenience.

Need a consultation for pet surgery?


What types of surgeries for pets are available at Sploot Vets - Denver?

We offer a wide range of pet surgeries in Denver, including spaying/neutering, mass removals, intestinal and gastric surgeries, bladder stone removals and specialty surgeries.

For certain surgeries, we offer laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), a minimally invasive technique to reduce risks.

How can I determine if my pet requires surgery?

Our veterinarians can provide personalized recommendations for elective, routine, urgent, and specialty surgery for pets. The first step it so schedule a consultation and our vet will recommend if surgery is needed, along with the best timeframe for operation.

Does my pet need a pre-surgical consultation?

A pre-op appointment allows vets to thoroughly assess your pet’s health. This helps ensures a successful surgery for dogs and cats. During this appointment, our vets will discuss procedure details and set your expectations.

How do I prepare for my pet’s surgery?

Here are a few general tips on preparing for pet surgery in Denver:

  • Do NOT feed your pet after the time given by the vet, on the night before surgery. 
  • Water is fine at all times.
  • Create a safe and quiet space for your pet to recover after surgery. Consider setting up baby gates or pens, closing off staircases, and separating pets from their siblings.

Sploot’s veterinarians may give additional instructions, if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team!

How long do surgical procedures take?

It varies based on the procedure. Spaying/neutering can take less than an hour, while other types of surgery for dogs and cats may require longer durations.

Will my pet be in pain after surgery?

Pets may experience discomfort, but we provide pain management medications and guidance for their comfort as they heal.

How should I care for my pet after surgery?

Our team will provide specific instructions, including amount of rest needed, medication administration, and wound care.

At any point, feel free to contact the Sploot team if you have any questions or concerns about your pet during their recovery.

When can my pet resume normal activities after surgery?

Most pets need several weeks of rest post-surgery. This may vary depending on the pet surgery your pet underwent.

What should I do if my pet has complications after surgery?

Contact our team immediately if you notice any complications post-surgery, including excessive bleeding, unusual swelling, or concerning behavioral changes.

How much does my pet’s surgery cost?

Cost varies based on the procedure. We offer transparent pricing and our veterinarian will set expectations during the pre-surgical appointment.

What is the “free surgery consultation” offer?

We currently provide a free pet surgery consultation for pet parents who proceed with surgery at Sploot. The consultation fee will be applied to the surgery visit.

Remember to mention the offer at the time of booking the consultation; we will not be able to retroactively apply consultation exam fees toward surgeries.

What payment options are available in Sploot Vets?

We accept cashless payments via major credit/debit cards, CareCredit, and ScratchPay for utmost  convenience and safety.

Does Sploot Veterinary Care accept pet insurance?

Pet parents can receive reimbursement from their insurance provider. However, pet insurance plans can vary in terms of coverage. Contact your provider to make sure that your pet’s surgery is included in your plan.

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