The 7 Best Dog Boarding Establishments in Chicago, IL

A dog playing in a yard of a dog boarding establishment in Chicago

Whether you need to go out of town for the holidays or you just need a place where your pup can stay while you’re away, there are plenty of dog boarding Chicago establishments to choose from. Dog boarding establishments in Chicago will take care of your dog’s basic needs — and the ones on this complete list, compiled by Sploot Veterinary Care, go above and beyond, ensuring a fun, delightful stay that your pup will thank you for!

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Featured Dog Boarding Chicago Establishments

1. Canine Crews

  • Location: 1616 N Washtenaw Ave, Chicago , IL
  • Highlights: Individual doggy lodging with raised beds, tiered stays to personalize a pup’s boarding experience

First on our list of the best dog boarding establishments in Chicago is Canine Crews. Situated in the Logan Square neighborhood, Canine Crews is a trusted and well-loved dog boarding establishment — one that has offered pet care services since 2009.

At Canine Crews, pups get their own individual, comfortable lodging with raised beds. This space serves as a serene retreat after a full day of daycare activities — which is also included in the overnight stay. Additional activities and treats can also be purchased by pet parents through tiered stay packages which can include added strolls, frozen kongs, and bedtime massages.

All in all, Canine Crews offers top-notch dog boarding in Chicago. With a dedicated team, a safe and comfortable environment, and spacious play areas — this is a place where dogs truly have a howling good time!

A dog boarder celebrating a birthday at Canine Crews, one of the best dog boarding Chicago establishments

2. Best Friends Pet Care

  • Location: 1628 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Tiered individual doggy accommodations, an option for group play or individual play, plenty of add-ons for an extra personalized stay, webcam access in certain suites

Next on our list of the best dog boarding in Chicago is Best Friends Pet Care, which is situated in Chicago’s thriving Bucktown Neighborhood. This is a dog boarding establishment that offers doggy-hotel-level accommodations and added touches of personalization that go above and beyond. 

At Best Friends Pet Care, there are various accommodation tiers to choose from. Each tier comes with its own activity package. Some of the suites provide webcam access.

Pups can either get individual 1:1 attention or group play, depending on what’s best for  the pup’s temperament! The wide range of add-ons also allows pet parents to customize Fido’s stay to a tee. Example add-ons for dog boarders include dog-friendly ice cream, holiday meals, bedtime stories, goody bags, and so much more. 

Best Friends Pet Care provides exceptional dog boarding services in Chicago. With dedicated staff, great accommodations, and special add-ons, they can make just about any pup a happy camper!

3. Wag Hotels at Lincoln Park 

  • Location: 2228 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Open and staffed 24/7, a wide variety of tiered private rooms & individual suites for dogs, playtime included in all tiers, add-ons for a customized experience, WagCam and photo updates via app available, webcams available for certain suites

Next on our list is Wag Hotels, a 24/7 Chicago dog boarding establishment that has plenty to offer. Situated in the charming Lincoln Park neighborhood, Wag Hotels is known for its superior pet care services, dedicated staff, and great convenience. 

At Wag Hotels, pet parents get a variety of accommodation options to choose from — with different tiers for private rooms, suites, ultra suites, and specialized care. This allows pet parents to finetune their pup’s space, bedding, playtime, complimentary treats, and more. For an added touch of customization, add-ons are also available. A few examples of Wag Hotels’ add-ons include strolls, splash time, 1-on-1 playtime, peanut butter kong, doggy ice cream, special bedding options,  and more. 

Last but not least, pet parents can get updates through a variety of ways, whether it’s through app or live webcams. 

All in all, Wag Hotels Lincoln Park in Chicago provides a premium boarding experience for pups, thoughtful customization options, and amazing convenience for pet parents — due in part to their 24/7 availability. This makes it one of the best dog boarding services in Chicago. 

A dog staying in one of the ultra suites in Wag Hotels, complete with a queen bed for dogs

4. Dogaholics

  • Location: 3608 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Tiered boarding packages based on treats and activities included, full day daycare for all dog boarders, add-ons for added customization, puppy postcard available, shuttle service available

Situated in Chicago’s vibrant Lake View neighborhood is Dogaholics, a dog boarding Chicago establishment that truly knows how to make pups feel at home. 

At Dogaholics, all boarding packages include full-day daycare and all the essentials: comfortable bedding, 3 mealtimes, and personal bowls. Going up the tiers of their boarding packages, pups get additional complimentary inclusions such as gourmet Kong treats, cuddles, storytime sessions, and more. 

To further personalize a pup’s stay at Dogaholics, pet parents can get add-on services which range from spa services to special activities, to birthday parties. 

In addition to all of the above, pet parents can get puppy postcards to see how their four-legged best friend is doing. 

All in all, Dogaholics is dedicated to creating restful and paw-sitively enjoyable dog boarding experiences for all pups. It is definitely one of the best dog boarding Chicago establishments around!

5. PetCarePlus

  • Location: 350 N. Laflin St., Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Tiered individual doggy suites that include options for dogs with special needs, an expansive range of add-on services for customized stays, scheduled activities for all dog boarders, play area webcam access, individual updates available (email, photo, report card, and/or live webcam)

Next up, we have PetCarePlus, an establishment that offers superior dog boarding services in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Having provided pet care services since 1998, this is a dog boarding Chicago establishment that is a staple in the area and has decades of experience in delighting pets and pet parents.

At PetCarePlus, there is a wide variety of tiered accommodation options, which cover luxurious accommodation preferences (e.g. elevated beds, fleece bedding, pheromone treatment) —  as well as special care needs (e.g. additional  staff observation, medication administration.) 

During the day, pups go through a structured routine including meals, playtime, nap time, and a nighttime stretch. In addition, PetCarePlus has an extensive range of add-ons that allow pet parents to put a personal touch to their pup’s stay. Add-ons include biscuits at bedtime, treat-filled Kongs, bedtime stories, treadmill runs, swim passes, park walks, and so much more! 

Last but definitely not least, pet parents get the option to check in on their four-legged companion —  whether it’s through the play area webcam, report card, email & photo update, or individual webcam.

All in all, PetCarePlus offers premier dog boarding services, designed to provide comfort and enjoyment. It is undoubtedly one of the best dog boarding establishments in Chicago!

A dog jumping into the swimming pool at PetCarePlus, one of the best dog boarding Chicago establishments
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6. Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort 

  • Location: 219 North Carpenter Street, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Individual glass doggy boarding suites,  manager lives on-site, PetScanner (proprietary technology for managing each pup’s needs), open daily, plenty of playtime in play groups, frozen peanut butter Kongs available, photos emailed during pup’s stay

Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort offers a wide range of services for pet parents, including training, dog daycare, grooming, and dog boarding. 

Open daily and having a manager who lives on-site (as of the writing of this article), Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort is highly dedicated to giving the best and safest dog boarding experience in Chicago. This dog boarding establishment also developed their proprietary barcode technology, PetScanner, to administer accurate care and prevent mix-ups between dogs of the same breed or name. 

At Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort, pups get their own glass doggy suites for restful nights of sleep. When it’s playtime, dogs are separated into play groups, appropriate to their size and temperament. Dogs get plenty of hours of group play in indoor and outdoor play areas — as well as allotted time for meals and naps. Pet parents can also purchase optional frozen Kongs for their pup, an excellent treat to unwind with at the end of the day.

To conclude, Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort is a Chicago dog boarding establishment that truly raises the standard when it comes to giving dedicated and innovative care.

7. Dog. Hotel | Daycare

  • Location: 1030 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Tiered individual doggy suites with varying sizes, staffed 24 hours a day, add-on walks and treadmill walks available, scheduled activities for all dog boarders, an option for group play or solo play, daycare webcam, webcam access in select suites

At Dog. Hotel | Daycare, pups can enjoy luxurious, clean suites and attentive care from dedicated staff. This dog boarding facility is staffed 24 hours a day, meaning dogs get round-the-clock care.

As far as accommodations go, at Dog. Hotel | Daycare, pet parents are given various options for their pup’s suite. All suites have comfortable and clean beds, blankets, pillows, and doggy bowls. Webcam access is available in certain suites and all activity areas so that pet parents can check on their pups.

Pups get plenty of play hours each day, whether it’s in a group play setting or solo play, depending on the pup’s needs. Following this dog boarding facility’s schedule, pups also get meal times, breaks, and stretch/potty time. Pet parents have the option to opt for add-ons like outdoor walks or treadmill walks, which are particularly helpful for high-energy pups.

All in all, Dog. Hotel | Daycare is a top-rated choice if you want your pup to have an engaging and relaxing stay.

A room in Dog. Hotel | Daycare, a dog boarding establishment in Chicago

Final Reminders for Dog Boarding in Chicago

Prior to booking dog boarding services in Chicago, make sure that your four-legged companion is current on their essential canine vaccinations. Most dog boarding Chicago establishments require updated vaccinations such as the following: rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. This requirement ensures the safety of all pups!

It is also recommended to make sure that your pup is equipped with preventive measures against parasites — such as canine intestinal worms, heartworms, ticks, and fleas. This proactive approach helps ensure your dog's safety and comfort during their stay. 

Last but not least, some dog boarding establishments require dogs to be microchipped. Make sure to check the establishment’s full list of requirements before planning your pup’s staycation!

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Parasite Prevention, Dog Vaccines, & More at Sploot Veterinary Care

Many dog boarding Chicago establishments practice sanitation protocols to ensure great hygiene. Updated dog vaccinations, along with complete parasite preventives, act as added layers of pup protection, greatly minimizing the chances of getting transmissible diseases. 

If you have any inquiries about the necessary dog vaccinations, parasite prevention, or any other preventive care measures and requirements for dog boarding, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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