The 5 Best Dog Boarding Establishments in Highlands Ranch, CO

A photo representing a dog resting in a dog boarding establishment in Highlands Ranch

Whether your holiday plans take you out of town or you simply seek a welcoming haven for your furry friend during your absence, Highlands Ranch, Colorado offers an array of dog boarding facilities within the area and in nearby areas. 

Dog boarding establishments provide for your dog's essential needs, and the ones featured in our selection go the extra mile, guaranteeing a delightful and enjoyable stay that your pup will truly appreciate!

Featured Dog Boarding Establishments Near Highlands Ranch

1. Dogtopia

Location: 6448 E County Line Rd, Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlights: Individual home-style doggy spaces for rest, scheduled playtime, live webcams for playrooms, the option to add dog spa/grooming services

Dogtopia is a boarding establishment located along E. County Line Rd, easily accessible to nearby pet parents. There are also more than 200 Dogtopia locations all over the United States. True to its name, Dogtopia is a canine paradise that offers a restful and engaging dog boarding experience 

When a pup checks in at Dogtopia, they get comfortable, individual home-style spaces where they can get their night’s rest and be ready for a day of fun. Each day at Dogtopia follows a structured schedule which includes 8 to 10 hours of play in spacious playrooms. There is one dedicated staff for every 15 dogs in order to ensure that dogs get the care and supervision they need. Playrooms are also equipped with webcams so that pet parents can see how much fun their fur babies are having. 

To give fur babies extra pampering during their dog boarding stay, pet parents have the option to add grooming services such as shampoo & conditioner, de-shed treatments, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and more.

With comfortable accommodations, spacious playrooms, and the option to add grooming services, Dogtopia is definitely one of the best dog boarding establishments in Highlands Ranch!

2. K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel

Location: 7475 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree, CO

Highlights: Individual sound-resistant doggy suites, tiered accommodations, an option for group play or individual play, serves premium dog meals

K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel is a dog boarding establishment in Lone Tree, Colorado. Although this dog boarding establishment is around 15 minutes away from Highlands Ranch, the level of luxury they offer for fur babies could be well worth the drive!

As the name suggests, K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel offers luxurious accommodations with a variety of cage-free, individual doggy spaces to choose from — options include the Jr. Executive Room, the Executive Room, and the Luxury Suite. These accommodations all have comfortable Kuranda dog bedding and enhanced sound resistance to ensure peaceful sleep. Pups staying at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel also get premium meals served regularly.

After a peaceful sleep and a delicious breakfast, pups either get all-day play or 1-on-1 playtime with the staff — this depends on the temperament of the pup and/or the preferences of the pet parent.

With top-notch accommodations, premium meals, as well as the option for either group or individual play, K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel is truly one of the best dog boarding facilities near Highlands Ranch.    

A dog resting on a comfortable couch in K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel, one of the best dog boarding establishments near Highlands Ranch

3. Camp Bow Wow - Centennial

Location: 7009 S Kenton St, Centennial, CO 

Highlights: Individual doggy spaces for rest, all-day play in groups, optional individual enrichment activities, live webcams for common areas

Camp Bow Wow -  Centennial is only around 20 minutes north of Highlands Ranch. They also have multiple dog boarding locations in Denver. If you want to ensure that your pup is a happy camper while you’re away, this dog boarding establishment is one of the best options out there.

At Camp Bow Wow, each dog gets their own comfortable, clean, individual space which can either be the standard space or a Luxury Suite. This will be their restful sanctuary at the end of each action-packed day.

Camp Bow Wow gives dogs the opportunity to exercise, socialize, and play all day in groups, which are established based on matching sizes and temperaments. There are a variety of enriching play areas where dogs can run free, under the watchful eye of dedicated staff (camp counselors) who will see to each pup’s well-being and facilitate naps, breaks, and meal times. There are live webcams for each play area so that pet parents can check on their pups at any time. 

To customize a pup’s dog boarding stay at Camp Bow Wow pet parents can get additional enrichment activities (e.g.  Snuggle Time, Sniff ‘n’ See)k. There is also an option to enroll your fur baby in doggy boot camp, a dog training service that can cover basic commands or advanced tricks.

With clean facilities, well-trained staff, and enriching day camp activities, there is no doubt that Camp Bow Wow is one of the best dog boarding establishments near Highlands Ranch!

4. Hobnob Pet - Greenwood Village

Location: 9595 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO

Highlights: Individual spaces for dogs, spaces that can be joined together for dogs in the same family, optional add-on services and treats, live webcams in play areas, an indoor pool for dogs

Hobnob Pet in Greenwood Village is situated around 20 minutes, northeast of Highlands Ranch. They also have a dog boarding location in Lakewood, Colorado that is around half an hour away from Highlands Ranch.  

Hobnob Pet is a dog boarding establishment that will give your pup a resort-like vacation experience. At Hobnob Pet, dogs get their own comfortable, individual space, complete with an elevated bed and/or optional orthopedic bedding. Spaces can also be joined together for dogs belonging in the same family. After a restful night’s sleep, pups awaken to an enriching day. 

Half-day daycare activities are included in Hobnob Pet’s dog boarding. Pups get access to spacious indoor and outdoor spaces; the best part is that play areas are fitted with live webcams so that pet parents can see what their pup is up to. 

To further customize a pup’s stay, pet parents can choose from various add-on treats from Hobnob Pet’s ‘Mini Bar’ — as well as add-on services such as doggy bath, nail trimming, afternoon daycare (perfect for creating an all-day-play experience), and swimming

The indoor dog swimming pool in Hobnob Pet is a unique feature that not all dog boarding establishments have. Their saltwater pool is perfect for water-loving canines as it contains only a minimal amount of chlorine, ensuring that the water is gentle on a pup’s skin and coat.

With clean accommodations and play areas, as well as unique treats and add-on access to an indoor doggy swimming pool, Hobnob Pet is truly one of the best dog boarding facilities near Highlands Ranch.

A dog swimming in Hobnob Pet, one of the best dog boarding establishments near Highlands Ranch

5. City Bark

Location: 6235 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 

Highlights: Individual climate-controlled doggy suites, tiered accommodations, a variety of  play packages to choose from, premium food available at a nominal fee, webcams in select suites

City Bark - Littleton is situated only around 15 minutes northwest of Highlands Ranch. They also have various other locations across Colorado — including City Bark - Centennial which is around 18 minutes away from Highlands Ranch

City Bark - Littleton has accommodations that focus on providing utmost comfort — whether it’s their spacious Luxury Suites with raised beds and webcam access or their Classic Suites with plush bedding and all the essentials of a comfortable stay. Pet parents are encouraged to pack their dog’s meals so that they can get familiar food during their stay; however, premium pet food can also be purchased for a nominal fee at City Bark Littleton. 

To make sure that pups get a fun and enriching dog boarding experience, pet parents can choose from a variety of play packages which can include half-day or full-day daycare and gourmet treats. Pups can get access to spacious play yards under the watchful eye of the staff. There is also an option to get individual playtime instead of group play.

All in all, the comfortable accommodations of City Bark - Littleton, along with their variety of play packages,  easily make them one of the best dog boarding establishments near Highlands Ranch. 

Final Reminders for Dog Boarding in Highlands Ranch

Before you reserve dog boarding services in Highlands Ranch, it's crucial to verify that your pup is up-to-date on their necessary vaccinations. The majority of dog boarding facilities in Highlands Ranch require current vaccinations, including rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. This precaution is in place to guarantee the well-being and safety of all the furry guests!

Additionally, we strongly advise ensuring that your furry friend is protected against common parasites, such as dog intestinal worms, heartworms, ticks, and fleas. Taking this proactive step is essential to safeguard your dog's well-being and ensure their comfort throughout their stay.

Finally, remember that certain dog boarding facilities may have a policy requiring microchipping for dogs. Be sure to review the complete list of requirements provided by the establishment before making arrangements for your furry friend's much-anticipated doggy staycation!

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Dog Vaccines, Parasite Prevention, & More at Sploot Veterinary Care

Numerous dog boarding facilities in Highlands Ranch prioritize hygiene by implementing rigorous sanitation procedures. Up-to-date dog vaccinations and comprehensive parasite preventives serve as additional safeguards, significantly reducing the risk of transmitting or getting diseases.

Should you have any questions regarding essential dog vaccinations, parasite prevention, or any other preventive care prerequisites for dog boarding, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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