The 3 Best Dog Wash Self Service Stations in Chicago, IL

Chicago's dog wash self serve stations have taken the pet care scene by storm, providing a hassle-free and convenient way for pet owners to keep their four-legged friends in tip-top shape.

These dog wash stations are a year-round convenience, sparing pet parents the chore of post-bath cleanup, which can be especially challenging during pet shedding seasons. Additionally, after outdoor adventures like trips to Chicago’s local dog parks or a trip to Chicago’s dog-friendly beaches, pet owners can swing by these dog bath self service stations to ensure their pups return home fresh and clean.

If you're intrigued by the idea of hassle-free (but still DIY) dog grooming, you're in luck. Our guide will walk you through Chicago's top self-service dog wash stations!

Featured Dog Wash (Self Service) in Chicago

Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa

Location: 2336 W North Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: dog bath self service, two spacious dog wash tubs, various professional shampoo options, professional grooming - also available 

First on our list is a highly-rated pet grooming salon that also offers a complete dog bath self service station. Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa is situated in Chicago’s thriving Wicker Park neighborhood

Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa’s dog bath self service station features two fully equipped dog wash stations, an extensive range of professional shampoos, fluffy towels, state-of-the-art dryers, ear cleaners, and all the essential items pet parents need to pamper their pups!

Following this pampering session at Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa, pet parents can head home with a pleasantly scented pup — and no messy tub to clean. It's an overall positive experience that both pet parents and their furry companions love.

A dog having a bath in Urban Canine Doggy Day Spa, a pet supply store that also offers a dog wash station self service
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Salon Dog

Location:  2542 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: dog wash self service, walk-ins encouraged, pet cologne included, pet supply store 

Next on our list of dog bath self service stations in Chicago is Salon Dog, a trusted provider of pet grooming services, nestled in the charming Logan Square neighborhood. Salon Dog is a go-to for dog owners seeking a convenient and welcoming dog bath self service experience. With a friendly and accommodating staff, Salon Dog ensures that every visit is a delightful one. 

Salon Dog’s self-service dog wash offers all the essentials you need to pamper your furry companion, including a tub, towels, shampoo, blow dryer, and even pet cologne. Walk-ins are warmly encouraged, making it a hassle-free stop for your pet's grooming needs. 

After your dog's refreshing bath, you can explore Salon Dog's diverse selection of sweaters, jackets, treats, and playful toys, ensuring your four-legged friend leaves with a wagging tail and a stylish flair!

Mutt Jackson

Location: 610 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: dog bath self service, shampoo & conditioner available, right next to Montrose dog beach

Next on our list of the best dog washes in Chicago is one that elevates the experience of going to Montrose Dog Beach — all thanks to this dog wash station’s ingenuity and careful location selection. It’s none other than Mutt Jackson.

Located right next to the picturesque Montrose Dog Beach, Mutt Jackson offers a top-notch dog bath self-service station that visiting pet parents absolutely love. Pet parents can use the facilities and high-quality shampoos and conditioners available to pamper your furry companion. 

Mutt Jackson provides all the essentials to leave your four-legged friend feeling refreshed and revitalized after an invigorating dog swim at one of Chicago’s well-known dog beaches. The best part is that pups are comfortable and clean on the ride home. Going to the dog beach is a lot more fun (and convenient), thanks to Mutt Jackson!

Mutt Jackson, a dog bath self service station located next to Montrose Dog Beach
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Final Reminders Before Going to a Dog Wash (Self Service)

We hope you found this article on the best dog bath self-service stations in Chicago helpful! As a friendly reminder, we encourage pet parents to ensure they've covered all the necessary preventive care measures before visiting any dog-friendly establishments, including dog wash stations. 

It’s essential to confirm that your furry friend is up-to-date on all vital canine vaccinations. Additionally, we strongly advise pet parents to invest in effective parasite preventatives to safeguard against heartworm, intestinal worms in dogs, fleas, and ticks. These precautions ensure the well-being and health of your four-legged best friend!

If you have any questions about preventive care for dogs, we’re here to help!

Sploot Veterinary Care is a primary & urgent care provider in Chicago. We are committed to providing care, 365 days a year. Our doors are open from 10 am to 10 pm, daily. Feel free to book an appointment today or simply walk in for a visit.

Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!

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