The 4 Best Dog Parks Near Roscoe Village, Chicago

A dog running in a grassy area to represent an offleash dog park near Roscoe Village

Looking for dog parks near Roscoe Village? Spend quality time with your pup in these enriching and spacious off-leash dog parks near the area. These parks are only a few minutes away from Roscoe Village and come complete with amenities that will give your pup an enjoyable time.

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Featured Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Roscoe Village

A photo representing a dog park near Roscoe Village with grassy or wood chipped terrain

Horner Park Dog Park

  • Location: 2770 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: offleash dog park, fully fenced, wood chip terrain, drinking fountain and sprinkling water

Situated less than 15 minutes from Roscoe Village, Horner Park Dog Park can be found in Horner Park, a sprawling neighborhood park with multiple sports fields, winding trails, wide open spaces, a playground, a wildlife garden, and more. 

Horner Park Dog Park can be found on the south east corner of Horner Park, partially shaded by numerous trees. This off-leash dog park has separate areas for large and small dogs. Its surface is covered with wood chips, which is great for insulation and reducing mud after rain. Horner Park Dog Park also has a water play area with sprinkling water where dogs can play ; pet parents can fill up small basins during hot days so that dogs can splash around. 

Hamlin Dog Friendly Area

  • Location: 3035 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 
  • Highlights: off-leash dog park, fully fenced, gravel and dirt terrain

Next on our list of off-leash dog parks near Roscoe Village is the Hamlin Dog Friendly Area. Situated less than 5 minutes from Roscoe Village, the Hamlin Dog Friendly Area can be found in Hamlin Park, a family-oriented city park with a park trail, sports fields, and a swimming pool. 

The Hamlin Dog Friendly Area is fully fenced and features a gravel and dirt terrain. This kind of terrain helps minimize the chances of muddy paws and dirty fur after a pup’s visit. This off-leash dog park is perfect for visiting by itself or after a day of recreation in Hamlin Park.

A photo representing a dog park near Roscoe Village with a gravel or asphalt terrain

Wiggly Field Dog Park 

  • Location: 2645 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 
  • Highlights: Off-leash dog park, fully fenced, asphalt & gravel terrain, drinking fountain for dogs

Located along N. Sheffield Ave and just around 15 minutes from Roscoe Village, Wiggly Field Dog Park a favorite among locals. This dog park near Roscoe Village also has a historical significance, being the first official dog area in Chicago, established in 1997. 

Wiggly Field offers plenty of play space for pups living in the heart of the city. Its asphalt and gravel terrain minimizes the chances of muddy paws and soiled fur. A drinking fountain for dogs is available, as well as benches for pet parents. Along with a complete set of basic amenities, Wiggly Field has a great community, something that keeps pups and pet parents coming back.

Bosly’s Backyard

  • Location: 4011 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: indoor play area, agility course, enclosed & roofed, training available

Situated just less than 10 minutes away from Roscoe Village, Bosly’s Backyard is a one-of-a-kind “indoor off-leash dog park” that you and your pup can comfortably enjoy, no matter the season. 

Bosly’s Backyard features a spacious play area, complete with enriching elements like ramps, ball pits, and agility courses. This area can be booked privately or with a small group — a fantastic option for pet parents who want one-on-one bonding time or for pups that are working through anxious or reactive behavior (which may be more challenging in large dog parks.)

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Final Thoughts About the Best Dog Parks Near Roscoe Village

This wraps up our guide on the best dog parks near Roscoe Village! Before heading out to these off leash dog parks, make sure to have all your dog’s vaccinations and parasite preventives (i.e. Heartworm preventives) updated; these measures help to protect your dog from various transmissible diseases and parasites

If you have any questions or concerns about your pup’s health, we’re here to help!

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Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!