The 4 Best Dog Daycares Near Roscoe Village, Chicago

A dog surrounded by other playful dogs to represent dog daycares near Roscoe Village, Chicago

Finding the best doggy daycare near Roscoe Village, Chicago, is an exciting journey. But with all the options available in the area, where does a pet parent begin? This article will help bring you a step closer to finding the best dog daycare for your pup. Here, we round up our top picks for the best dog daycares near Roscoe Village. 

Featured Dog Daycare Near Roscoe Village


Location: 3608 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: Half-day or full-day rates, add-ons available, dog transportation available

First on our list is Dogaholics, a dog daycare that focuses on providing fun for pups and convenience for pet parents. Dogaholics offers transportation services for dogs within Chicago, meaning that dropping off a pup for doggy daycare is easier than ever. 

Once pups have passed the screening at Dogaholics for daycare services, they can look forward to fun daycare activities, facilitated by experienced staff. Pet parents can also personalize their pup’s experience by getting add-ons such as individual playtime, treats, spa services, birthday parties, and more!

Dogs playing in one of the play areas of Dogaholics, a dog daycare near Roscoe Village
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Earth Pups

Location: 2215 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: 365 days a year, half-day or full-day rates, crate-free, specializes in caring for small dogs

Next on our list of dog daycares near Roscoe Village is Earth Pups. Located around 5 minutes away from Roscoe Village, Earth Pups is a highly-rated dog daycare, specializing in caring for small dogs under 20 lbs. Many pet parents love that Earth Pups caters specifically to smaller dogs, as this gives pet parents added peace of mind — knowing their small pups are playing with dogs their size.

At Earth Pups, dogs get a crate-free day filled with games, socializing in playgroups, and scheduled nap times. The caring staff at Earth Pups use a hands-on approach, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all dogs. 

Chi-Town Dog House

Location: 2231 W Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL

Highlights: Full-day rates or bulk passes, crate-free except for lunch or nap time

This list of doggy daycares near Roscoe Village would not be complete without Chi-Town Dog House: a dog daycare facility located less than 5 minutes from Roscoe Village

At Chi-Town Dog House, dogs enjoy fun-filled days playing and socializing in designated playgroups. The facility has indoor and outdoor spacious areas where dogs play, under the watchful eye of experienced staff. Numerous pups love Chi-Town Dog House — and pet parents love the excitement they see on their furry friends when it’s time for yet another enriching day in this well-loved doggy daycare.

Dogs playing at Chi-Town Dog House, a dog daycare near Roscoe Village, Chicago
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Active! Dog Daycare and Boarding

Location: 2550 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 

Highlights: Half-day or full-day rates, crate-free, training included

Situated less than 15 minutes from Roscoe Village, Active! Dog Daycare and Boarding is a facility that ensures pups get a fun and mentally stimulating time — with dog training included! 

A half-day or full-day stay in this dog daycare near Roscoe Village includes the following activities: socialization with other pups, exercise, and basic command training. The latter will help keep pups mentally sharp and ensure that they do not forget essential commands. Aside from providing enriching, well-planned daycare activities, Active! Dog Daycare and Boarding treats pups like family — which is why many pet parents are loyal clients of this top-notch doggy daycare facility.

Final Reminders for Dog Daycare in Roscoe Village, Chicago

Most dog daycares require updated canine vaccinations, including rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella — so make sure that your furry friend is current on their vaccines! This precautionary measure is implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of all the playful pups in this vibrant neighborhood.

In addition, make sure to stay on top of your pup’s preventive measures against parasites (e.g. heartworms, canine intestinal worms, ticks, and fleas). This is recommended before taking pups to any dog-friendly establishment. 

Note: Stay on top of all pet preventive care needs easily, with automatic reminders from the Sploot Vets app!

It’s also worth noting that certain dog daycare facilities may necessitate dogs to have a microchip. Be sure to review the establishment's prerequisites in advance!

A dog at Sploot Veterinary Care in Roscoe Village, getting a chevck-up and vaccination update before going to dog daycare

Parasite Prevention, Dog Vaccines, & More — at Sploot Veterinary Care

Should you have any questions regarding essential canine vaccinations, parasite prevention, or any other health requirements for dog daycare, don't hesitate to contact the Sploot team. We're always here to help!

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Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!