The 4 Best Cat Boarding Establishments in Chicago, IL

Close-up of a cat relaxing in a cat bed in one of the cat boarding facilities or cat hotels

Planning a holiday or family gathering? Tickets, stays, and packing are all set, but what about your beloved cat? Cat owners often face the choice of taking them along or finding care. When friends are away too, a reliable cat sitter might be scarce. That's where cat boarding services or cat hotels step in.

In Chicago, you'll find various cat boarding options. Some offer essentials, while others go further, adding extra care. To kickstart your quest for the finest Chicago cat boarding for your feline, explore these top-rated choices!

What’s in This Guide?

Meeow Chicago

Location: 1765 N Elston Ave-Suite #104, Chicago, IL

Highlights: Exclusively for cats, large cat suites with play structures, fresh water fountains, night light, calming music, kitty TV and bubble windows in Luxury Suites

Situated near Bucktown, Meeow Chicago is a premier cat boarding facility that looks after the well-being of its feline guests. Their upscale accommodations provide a secure and cozy environment for cats of all temperaments.

Meeow Chicago offers a luxurious feline experience in all of their cat suites. Each cat suite offers plenty of space, comforting music, interesting climbing structures, cozy privacy boxes, a freshwater fountain, and a night light! All suites also have a private litter box that the feline guest can comfortably use during their stay. All rooms are cleaned daily and they take care to sanitize each room thoroughly between boarders. 

All in all, Meeow Chicago offers a resort-like experience for their feline guests. It is truly one of the best cat boarding facilities in Chicago. Clients who choose their cat boarding services can expect a delightful experience for their pets.

The cat shelves and play structures in Meeow Chicago, one of the best cat boarding facilities or cat hotels in Chicago
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Canine Crews (Kitty Crews)

Location: 1616 N Washtenaw Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: Cat suites with luxury cat beds, cat towers, private litter box, tiered customizations (e.g. gourmet snack add-on, play sessions)

Located in the vibrant Logan Square neighborhood, Canine Crews is primarily known for its exemplary dog boarding and daycare services. However, to the delight of cat parents, they brought the same level of excellence when they started ‘Kitty Crews Cat Boarding.’ Canine Crews’ Kitty Crews Cat Boarding has plenty to offer.  

When cats stay at Kitty Crews Cat Boarding, they get to enjoy plenty of thoughtfully laid-out amenities — including luxury cat beds, cat towers, private litter boxes, and fresh water. The best part is that pet parents can customize their fur baby’s boarding experience, with tiered options that can include gourmet snacks, play sessions with caring staff, and enrichment sessions. 

All in all, Canine Crews’ Kitty Crews Cat Boarding is one of the best cat hotels in Chicago.  They ensure each cat's stay at their cat boarding facility is an unforgettable, enjoyable experience.

Wag Hotels at Lincoln Park 

Location: 2228 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: Open and staffed 24/7, Bi-level cat condos, sanitized & climate-controlled rooms 

Situated in the picturesque Lincoln Park neighborhood is one of the locations of Wag Hotels, an establishment known for its high-quality pet care services, including pet boarding for dogs, cats, and pocket pets

Wag Hotels is a very convenient option for traveling pet parents because this cat boarding facility is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that feline fur babies can be dropped off or picked up at any time of the day.

Wag Hotels in Lincoln Park offers private, bi-level cat condos where your feline fur baby can stay and be taken care of by devoted staff. The feline boarding rooms have comfortable bedding and are climate-controlled to help promote great sleep.

All in all, Wag Hotels is one of the most convenient options for cat boarding — and their cat-approved, bi-level cat condos will ensure that your feline fur baby has a relaxing stay.

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Paws & Claws at Lincoln Square

Location: 5015 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL

Highlights: Private individual cat suites with play structures, personalized care, limited number of boarders to ensure quality care

Located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, Paws & Claws is a reputable cat boarding facility that ensures comfort and quality care for each feline guest. 

Paws & Claws offers private cat suites with natural lighting, a window perch, a scratching post, and a cat hidey-hole. Best Friends Pet Hotel only takes in a limited number of cats at a time to ensure that feline guests get the high-quality care and personalized attention that they need.  

All in all, Paws & Claws is a cat hotel and cat boarding facility that offers a cozy, and clean environment where your cat can get a home away from home.

Final Reminders for Cat Boarding in Chicago

Prior to arranging cat boarding, ensure your feline gets essential shots. Cat boarding spots often require certain cat vaccinations to prevent the spread of disease and to keep fur babies safe.

In addition, remember to stay up-to-date on pet's parasite preventives against cat intestinal worms, heartworms, ticks, and fleas. This helps ensure that your cat’s stay in cat hotels is a safe, healthy, and enjoyable experience.

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Parasite Prevention & Cat Vaccines at Sploot Veterinary Care

Cat boarding facilities and cat hotels in Chicago make sanitation a top priority. Alongside this, cat vaccines and parasite preventives provide an added layer of precaution for your feline companion. If you have inquiries about necessary vaccines for cat boarding, parasite preventives, or any other preventive care measures, reach out to our team!

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