SplootRX: Online Pet Store & Pharmacy [Same-Day Delivery]

A photo representing the products in SplootRX, an online pet store and online pet pharmacy with same-day delivery

One of the challenges of pet parenting is making sure you’re all stocked up with everything you need — like dog food, cat food, pet treats, heartworm preventives, flea/tick medications, ear cleaners, dental chews, pet supplements, and so on. 

Enter SplootRX, an online pet store and online pet pharmacy stocked with vet-preferred pet products for dogs and cats. 

With SplootRX, you’ll get great products, amazing deals, and same-or next-day delivery! Read on to learn more about what SplootRX has to offer:

What’s in This Guide?

An overview of SplootRX, an online pet store and online pet pharmacy

What is SplootRX?

SplootRX is an online pet pharmacy and pet supply store built in partnership with VetSource. We offer:

  • Vet-preferred pet care products & supplies;
  • Convenient online pet pharmacy;
  • Quick delivery (same-day or next-day delivery; and
  • An option for one-time purchasing or auto-replenishing (the latter is best for pet food, maintenance medications, and other pet supplies that need regular re-stocking).

Who Can Shop from SplootRX?

SplootRX’s non-prescription products (e.g. pet food, grooming supplies, pet accessories) are available for everyone within the United States. 

Meanwhile, to get prescription pet medication from SplootRX, you'll need to be a Sploot client (having been seen at least once in Sploot's clinics). Feel free to contact our team for further details!

1. Dog Food, Cat Food, & Treats

SplootRX offers a wide range of vet-preferred dog food and cat  food. Pet parents have the option to shop by brand or to shop based on health needs. 

a. Shop Pet Food By Brand

The SplootRX online pet store carries dog food and cat food brands that are trusted and vet-preferred. You get a variety of great options, including ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Purina, Canidae, and more. There are numerous options for wet food and dry food.  

b. Shop Pet Food By Health Needs or Vet Recommendations

SplootRX also showcases pet food options that are targeted to specific health needs; these include weight-management diets, digestive care, renal care, pet aging care, diets for food sensitivities, and other veterinary diets.

Note: We highly recommend getting a pet wellness exam to determine the optimum diet for your dog or cat.

c. Treats & Chews

The best treats and chews for pets are those that taste great and are packed with healthy ingredients. SplootRX offers a variety of dog biscuits, cat biscuits, pill wraps, and dental treats from trusted brands like ROYAL CANIN, GREENIES, and more.

A dog and cat eating dog food and cat food from SplootRX, an online pet supply store

2. SplootRX Online Pet Pharmacy

As your trusted online pet pharmacy, SplootRX makes it easy to restock essential pet medications, preventives, and supplmements. Here are a few examples of popular pet pharmaceutical products available through SplootRX:

a. Flea & Tick Medications

Fleas and ticks can lurk in outdoor and indoor environments. They are especially common during spring, summer, and fall. In SplootRX, you will find a wide variety of collars, sprays, pills, and topical treatments for fleas and ticks. Some of these products act as preventatives while some can also be used to treat active infestations.

SplootRX carries trusted anti-tick and anti-flea products from respected brands like Simparica Trio, NexGard, Bravecto, and more.

Note: Some anti-tick and anti-flea products are only available with a vet’s prescription. Prescribed anti-flea and anti-tick products are more effective and safer to use on dogs and cats.

b. Heartworm Medications

Heartworm in dogs and cats is a potentially fatal parasite that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. When it comes to heartworm, prevention is VITAL. This is because heartworm treatments for dogs can be strenuous on their bodies — and for cats, there is NO medication to treat heartworm. Surgery may be needed to extract large volumes of heartworm for both dogs and cats.

The best heartworm medication is vet-prescribed and consistent. Monthly heartworm preventives are available at SplootRX (both oral and topical variants). SplootRX carries well-known brands like Simparica Trio, Heartgard, Bravecto, Revolution, NexGard, MilbeGard, and more.

Note: ALL heartworm preventives need a veterinary prescription.

c. Eye & Ear Care Products for Pets

A dog’s or cat’s eyes and ears are some of their most sensitive external body parts. When choosing eye and ear care products, it is important to get a product that is recommended by a veterinarian. This is because there are a variety of ear drops and eye drops for pets, each with its own intended use. 

Ear drops for dogs and cats fall under the following categories:

  • Ear-cleaning
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-parasitic (ear mites)

Learn more - Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats

Meanwhile, eye drops for dogs and cats can be any of the following:

  • Saline eyewashes
  • Steroid eyedrops
  • Lubrication eyedrops
  • Glaucoma eyedrops
  • Antibiotic eyedrops
Note: Some ear drops and eye drops for dogs and cats require a vet’s prescription.  

d. Allergy Management for Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats can have allergies to certain foods (e.g. chicken, beef) and substances (e.g. pollen, dust mites, fleas). Allergies in dogs and cats manifest as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive itching, hair loss, respiratory problems, biting paws, or frequent ear infections.

Learn more - Allergies in Dogs & Cats

If you suspect that your dog or cat is suffering from allergies, book a visit to Sploot Vets today. We can guide you through food trials for your dog or cat (which identifies food allergies in pets) — or give you a referral for intradermal pet allergy testing with a partner specialist.

Once an allergy is diagnosed, allergy management can take the form of long-term medication, as-needed medication, and dietary optimizations.

At SplootRX, there are a variety of products available for allergy relief for dogs and cats, including anti-allergy tablets, capsules, and chewables for dogs and cats.

Note: A majority of anti-allergy products for dogs and cats are prescription-only. 

e. Supplements for Dogs & Cats

There are a wide variety of supplements that can help keep your dog or cat happy and healthy. 

At SplootRX, you will find various vet-preferred supplements like multivitamins for dogs and cats, joint supplements, liver and urinary support supplements, skin & coat care supplements, antioxidant supplements, and more. Supplements can come in a variety of forms like capsules, chewables, liquid, or powder.

Note: Supplements for dogs and cats may or may not require a prescription. In any case, we recommended consulting a veterinarian before introducing a supplement or a set of supplements to your dog or cat.

f. Pet Prescription Medications

Prescription medications for dogs and cats are available at SplootRX, whether your dog or cat needs short-term medications or maintenance medication. We stock a variety of antibiotics for dogs and cats, pain relief medications, insulin for dogs and cats,  and more. 

Note: Items showing “RX” on their product title are pet medications that need a veterinarian’s prescription. For replenishing prescription medications for dogs and cats, you can also take advantage of the Medication Refill feature on the Sploot Vets app, your handy mobile companion for seamless pet care!
A veterinarian from Sploot Vets in Denver or Chicago giving a prescription

3. Pet Grooming Supplies

Regular pet grooming is an essential part of dog routine care and cat routine care. By opting for great quality products, you can ensure that your fur baby looks and feels great. 

At our online pet store, SplootRX, we offer a number of clippers, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, and other vet-preferred grooming products for dogs and cats.You will find pet grooming products from a variety of trusted brands including Earthbath, Coastal and more. 

4. Pet Accessories: Beds, Bowls, & Beyond

SplootRX would not be complete as your go-to online pet store without a selection of pet accessories from trustworthy brands. 

Whether you’re a new pet parent or simply looking for new accessories for your dog or cat, our online store has a number of bowls, slow-feeder bowls, bolster beds, ortho beds, and more.

Our online pet store also has a variety of dog toys and cat toys available. From fetch toys to climb scratchers to sturdy plushies, these toys will provide hours of entertainment and enrichment for your furry friend.

A dog surrounded by pet accessories from SplootRX, an online pet store

Explore SplootRX Today: How to Shop

Don’t miss out on SplootRX,  a reliable online pet store and pet pharmacy for dogs and cats.  Accessing SplootRX is as easy as can be.

  1. Go to SplootVets.com and look for “Store” on the menu bar — OR go to this link: SplootRX.
  2. Next, select your city and the Sploot vet clinic you usually visit for pet care — this will take you to SplootRX. Though you will be asked to select a Sploot clinic, we are happy to say that non-prescription products are available for anyone in the United States. Meanwhile, prescription medications are only available for Sploot Clients.
  3. Use the menu, filters, or search bar to easily find the items you need.
Note: For any purchase, you get a convenient option for one-time purchasing or auto-replenishing (the latter is best for pet food, maintenance medications, and other pet supplies that need regular restocking).

As always, if you have any questions on SplootRX or our services, please feel free to contact our team!

Sploot Vets: Making Pet Parenting a Walk in the Park

At Sploot Veterinary Care we are always looking for innovative ways to make pet parenting feel like a walk in the park. SplootRX is just one of the many things we offer. 

We have vet clinics in Denver and Chicago that are open 365 days a year, for extended hours. As your all-in-one vet, Sploot offer primary, urgent, and emergency vet care services in all locations.

Our vet clinics also have optimized layouts and spaces, which works alongside Fear-Free techniques, for calmer vet visits.

Experience the Sploot Difference today! Book an appointment online or through the Sploot Vets app, your handy mobile companion for hassle-free pet care. 

Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!