Top 7 Exciting Dog-Friendly Stores in Chicago

Welcome to the Windy City, where cherished companions have a special place. Chicago residents and visitors love exploring the city with their furry friends, especially in Chicago’s dog-friendly shopping scene

Discover the top picks in this guide and leash up your pup for a delightful journey through Chicago's vibrant dog-friendly stores!

Featured Dog-Friendly Stores:

A Few Reminders Before Going to Dog-Friendly Stores in Chicago

Prepare for a visit to dog-friendly stores in Chicago with these essential guidelines:

Polish Leash Etiquette

Ensure your canine companion is at ease and well-behaved on a leash, as many establishments require dogs to be leashed. Proper leash training and etiquette ensures a positive shopping experience for you, your furry friend, and other shop patrons.

Emphasize Basic Obedience Training:

Foster a safer and more enjoyable dog-friendly shopping trip by prioritizing basic obedience training. Your pup must respond to fundamental commands like "sit," "stay," and "leave it." These commands serve as a protective measure, preventing unintended interactions with other dogs visiting the store, patrons, and merchandise.

Review Store Guidelines Ahead of Time

It's important to note that not all dog-friendly stores have similar rules. For example, some dog-friendly stores may only allow certain types or sizes of dogs. Additionally, different branches of the same store or brand may have different pet policies. Before planning a trip to a dog-friendly store, make sure to check the pet policies of the specific branch you are going to. 

1. The Shops at North Bridge

  • Location: 520 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights:  offers a mix of stores, dog-friendly mall

Elevate your shopping excursion at The Shops at North Bridge, a dog-friendly haven that combines premier retail with a welcoming atmosphere for your pet. Explore the diverse range of stores while stopping by their Pet Treat Stations on Levels 1 & 2.

Although The Shops at North Bridge is a dog-friendly mall with amazing pet-friendly amenities, there are shops within this mall that have not openly indicated their pet policies which may vary from the pet policy of the mall’s common areas. For the best dog-friendly shopping experience, make sure to check in advance!

2. City Lit Books

  • Location: 2523 N Kedzie Blvd Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: cozy bookstore with a fireplace and book clubs, dog-friendly bookstore

Immerse yourself in the literary haven of City Lit Books, where book lovers and their canine companions are welcome. City Lit Books is a well-loved bookstore in the heart of Logan Square. Aside from being dog-friendly, visitors adore their cozy reading area with a fireplace and their well-curated titles. There are also a variety of engaging book clubs to sign up for. 

This bookstore in Logan Square is truly a must-visit dog-friendly store. Enjoy browsing through an extensive collection with your well-behaved pup — the perfect literary escape and quality time with your furry friend.

The front of City Lit Books, a dog-friendly store in Chicago which offers a dog-friendly shopping experience
Sourced from:

3. Plant Salon

  • Location: 2016 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: garden center with a focus on plants and self-care, dog-friendly store

Bring a touch of nature to your shopping experience at Plant Salon — where greenery, self-care, and a pet-friendly ambiance intertwine. Browse through a variety of plants, gardening tools, self-care products, and unique gifts. Plant Salon also engages its patrons with a variety of exciting classes on plant parenting, soil mixing, and yoga!

The best part is you can explore this store and breathe in its calming atmosphere with your well-behaved canine companion. It’s definitely a memorable dog-friendly shopping experience.

4. Terrace 

  • Location: 1329 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Highlights: Plant and home goods store, dog-friendly store

Enjoy a dog-friendly shopping experience at Terrace, a store that’s just 9 minutes away from Roscoe Village, Chicago. This dog-friendly shopping destination offers a variety of botanicals, candles, rugs, furniture, and home accessories that will spruce up just about any indoor environment. 

Terrace is well-loved for their well-curated products, creative workshops, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and their store’s pet-friendly policy. Visit Terrace and score some unique finds while your well-behaved pup enjoys the new sights and scents of this relaxing store.

Terrace, a dog-friendly store near Roscoe Village, Chicago which offers a dog-friendly shopping experience
Sourced from:

5. Roscoebooks

Dive into the world of literature at Roscoebooks, an independent neighborhood bookstore in Roscoe Village that invites book enthusiasts and their furry friends. Roscoebooks is stocked with great titles, waiting to be discovered. Shoppers commend Roscoebooks for giving great book recommendations and for their variety of book clubs that help book lovers dive deep into different areas of interest. 

Pick up a new book or two, enjoy a cozy reading area, and make lasting memories with your well-behaved pup in Roscoebooks, a true literary haven.

6. The Good Old Days Antiques

Step back in time at The Good Old Days Antiques, a dog-friendly shopping destination in Roscoe Village that’s been around for over 50 years. This iconic shop is a neighborhood fixture, introducing generations to treasures of old — whether it’s in the form of collectibles, antique furniture, neon signs, old clocks, wind-up phonographs, and much more!

Browse through vintage finds with your well-behaved canine companion, exploring the aisles that are filled with memories, stories, and nostalgia of the finest quality.

The front of The Good Old Days, a dog-friendly antique store near Roscoe Village, Chicago which offers a dog-friendly shopping experience
Sourced from:

7. The Brown Elephant

Uncover unique thrift finds while also supporting a good cause at The Brown Elephant, a dog-friendly thrift store just around 6 minutes from Roscoe Village, Chicago. Whether you are looking for the best deals on clothes, gifts, home decor, or furniture, there is something for everyone at The Brown Elephant. 

Explore this thrift store’s eclectic mix of great quality items while your well-behaved pup follows along for some lightweight exercise and refreshing new stimuli.

Final Thoughts on Dog-Friendly Shopping in Chicago, Illinois

That wraps up our compilation of the finest dog-friendly shopping spots in Chicago! If you plan to visit any of these stores with your furry companion, it's crucial to ensure they're up-to-date on dog vaccinations, heartworm preventives, and tick/flea preventives for optimal outdoor protection.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding your pup's well-being, Sploot Veterinary Care is ready to help. As a primary and urgent pet care provider with conveniently located vet clinics in Chicago, we're open 365 days a year, until 10 pm.

Easily schedule an appointment online or through the Sploot Vets app.

And for more exciting dog-friendly destinations in Chicago, you can also check out our other guides:

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Until our next update, we're here for you every pounce of the way!

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