The 4 Best Cat Cafes Near Denver

Cat cafes offer something for both cat lovers and aspiring cat parents alike. A typical cat cafe offers drinks, snacks, and the company of cute, friendly cafe cats. It’s the perfect way to spend ‘cat-urday’. But whatever day of the week it may be, these are amazing places for unwinding. 

Cat cafes typically have adoptable cats. These establishments serve as an enriching environment for adoptable cats while they wait for their forever homes. Cat cafes are typically partnered with local cat shelters, helping match adopters with fur babies that are best suited for them. 

So if you love coffee and you’re considering becoming a cat parent, a Denver cat cafe is the place to be! On this list, we feature the best cat cafes in Denver, as well as ones in nearby areas. 

What’s in This Guide?

Denver Cat Company

  • Location: 3929 Tennyson St., Denver
  • Highlights: Open Mon-Sun; Mellow & quiet ambiance; Cat gym environment 

The Denver Cat Company is a Denver cat cafe opened in 2014. With the help of their nonprofit arm, Denver Cat Rescue, they are able to rehome hundreds of cats annually. This cat cafe serves as a cage-free environment, where cats can wait for their forever homes. 

The interior of this Denver cat cafe is a lounge for humans and a jungle gym for cats. You can expect to see 15 to 20 rescue cats on the walkways near the ceiling and in hidey-holes where they can feel safe and decide when they want attention. 

The Denver Cat Company has an atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Coffee, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or a cold drink are all available to order.* They play mellow music and have a small library of books for visitors and a gift shop with lots of cat-themed items. 

On Denver Cat Company’s website, they introduce their cafe cats; the roster is updated regularly because it usually doesn’t take long for cats to meet their person. 

Students, members of the military, and seniors get a discount on admission. You can also get a discount if making a reservation in advance.*

*Cat cafe discounts, fee inclusions, menu items, products, etc. can change; to get updated information, please refer to their website or reach out to them. 

Photo of Denver Cat Company wherein two cats are playing in the cat gym environment of this Denver cat cafe

Teddy Cat Cafe

  • Location: 39 E. Florida Ave., Denver
  • Highlights: Accessible location near Platt Park; Open space; Comfortable sitting areas, Cat-themed gift shop

Sarah Thomas opened the Teddy Cat Cafe in 2022, making it the newest Denver cat cafe to date. She named this Denver cat cafe after Teddy, an orange cat that she fostered and ended up adopting; the rest is history. The Teddy Cat Cafe partners with a variety of local animal shelters to help cats find their forever homes. 

The ambiance of this Denver cat cafe is warm and inviting; it looks a lot like a traditional cafe with a refreshing open layout. As with any cat cafe, the highlight of Teddy Cat Cafe is the group of cats that guests can interact with while sipping coffee and cold drinks. It’s a pawsome way to unwind. They also offer cat-themed merchandise at their gift shop

In case you’re curious about the adoptable cats in Teddy Cat Cafe, they have a page on their website featuring their cats for adoption, complete with snippets about each cat’s personality!

If you’re looking to visit this Denver cat cafe, appointments are recommended — but walk-ins are also welcome. Their ‘Cat Playdates’ come with complimentary tea or coffee.*

*Cat cafe discounts, fee inclusions, menu items, products, etc. can change; to get updated information, please refer to their website or reach out to them. 

Purrfect Pause

  • Location: 5290 Arapahoe Ave., Suite E, Boulder
  • Highlights: Nature-themed interiors; Cats are tested for their personality type to assist in matching with adopters; Cat gym environment; Cat-themed gift shop; Snacks are available 

Purrfect Pause is a cat cafe in Boulder, which is only about half an hour away from Denver. Purrfect Pause was founded by life-long cat lover Aleks Talaro. Purrfect Pause is partnered with Front Range Freedom Rescue; the cat cafe acts as a foster space and enriching environment where cats can potentially meet their forever families. 

On their website, Purrfect Pause states that they are a “relaxation center, boutique, cafe, and cat sanctuary.” These are all embodied in their stunning rainforest mural, nature-themed decor, and comfortable seating. To complete the relaxing cat cafe experience, guests can order from Purrfect Pause’s menu, which features a variety of drinks, chips, coffee, trail mix*, and more. Guests can also shop for merchandise like cat toys, hoodies, and mugs.

Another unique thing about Purrfect Pause is their extra focus on cat personalities: they utilize the Feline-ality® Program to match people with pets based on personality tests. On this cat cafe’s website, their featured, adoptable cafe cats come with color-coded personality categories, such as ‘love bug’, ‘secret admirer’, ‘personal assistant’, and ‘leader of the band’ — just to name a few.  

If you’re looking to visit Purrfect Pause, hourly passes are available.* We recommend making a reservation in advance, especially if you’re driving from Denver. Though walk-ins are welcome at Purrfect Pause, this depends on availability.  

*Cat cafe discounts, fee inclusions, menu items, products, etc. can change; to get updated information, please refer to their website or reach out to them.

Photo of cats in Purrfect Pause, relaxing amidst the nature-themed decor of this cat cafe near Denver

The NoCo Cat Cafe

  • Location: 121 E. Fifth St., Loveland
  • Highlights: Minimalistic and serene interiors; Cat gym environment; Cat-themed gift shop; Snacks are available 

The NoCo Cat Cafe, which is short for Northern Colorado Cat Cafe, is in Loveland, about 50 minutes away from the center of Denver. NoCo Cat Cafe was founded in 2021 by Tejchma-Sanford and her husband, Christopher Sanford.

The interior of NoCo Cat Cafe is refreshingly minimalistic but with nods to nature — such as the mural of a mountain range with cat steps affixed to it. The space is well-lit and serene. While unwinding with NoCo Cat Cafe’s cats, guests can order coffee, a variety of refrigerated drinks, and baked goods.* NoCo Cat Cafe also has a gift shop that sells clothes, jewelry, and other types of cat merchandise.*

All of Noco Cat Cafe’s cats are healthy and ready for their forever homes. On their website, they introduce the adoptable cafe cats, along with a short personality description for each cat! 

NoCo Cat Cafe, as of the moment, does not offer online reservations. However, for visitors coming in from Denver or other areas that are more than half an hour’s drive away, we suggest reaching out to NoCo Cat Cafe to ensure availability during your intended time of visit. 

*Cat cafe discounts, fee inclusions, menu items, products, etc. can change; to get updated information, please refer to their website or reach out to them. 

Final Thoughts on Cat Cafes Near Denver

We hope you enjoyed this list of Denver cat cafes and cat cafes nearby! A cat cafe is a great destination for cat lovers and aspiring cat parents alike. As a final reminder, each cat cafe has its own house rules, which are there to ensure a positive experience for everyone. 

Whether you visit a Denver cat cafe or one just outside the city, you can potentially meet a furry friend that you’d want to take home. If you just so happened to leave one of these cafes with a new furry friend, we can help your fur baby stay up-to-date with their feline vaccinations and annual pet wellness exams at Sploot Veterinary Care

We offer daily appointment availability from 10 am to 10 pm. Book an appointment in any of our multiple clinic locations. We also accept walk-ins!

Till next time, we're with you every pounce of the way.

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