How can I schedule an appointment?

Thank you for looking to book an appointment with us, and for being the best pet parent to your furry friend!

The easiest and fastest way is to schedule an appointment is through online booking. You can also text or call us to book an appointment at (720) 606-4845.

You can book all types of appointments online, except for re-checks and surgeries: these appointments have to be coordinated with our care team (you are able to book Surgery Consultation and Pre-op appointments online), so please give us a call in these cases.

If you have an urgent case or emergency, or can't find availability via online booking we suggest that you give us a call or just walk into our clinic. We offer free pet triaging services. Just give us call to talk with our care team who will be able to help you understand the best treatment options and next steps, in an urgent care case or emergency.

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