How can I schedule an appointment?

Thank you for looking to book an appointment with us!

1. For Appointments — EXCEPT for Rechecks & Surgeries (scroll down to no. 4):

Note: pre-operative appointments and consultations for surgery or dental surgery can be booked through the above steps.

2. For Drop-Off Appointments — EXCEPT for Rechecks & Surgeries (scroll down to no. 4)

  • Does your pet need to see a vet during a busy day? We offer drop-off appointments for utmost convenience. Please give our team a call at (720) 740-8129 to coordinate drop-off appointments.


  • For urgent cases, give us a call at (720) 740-8129. Calling in advance is highly recommended so that our team is best-equipped to receive you immediately.

Note: We also offer free pet triaging services. Just give us a call and our care team will be able to guide you towards the best treatment options and next steps for urgent cases

4.  For Rechecks & Surgeries:

5. In Case There is No Availability Online

  • If you really need to see us but can’t find availability online, please give us a call at (720) 740-8129. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and your fur baby.
Note: We are able to reply to texts or answers calls during our Pet Parent Experience Team’s operating hours: 6am - 10pm (MST), every day including holidays and weekends.
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