The 6 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch, a suburb of Denver, is best known for its great outdoor destinations and dog-friendly community. Whether you’re a resident of this charming place or taking a holiday with Fido, there are plenty of dog-friendly destinations to check out.

Unsurprisingly, Highlands Ranch is home to plenty of off-leash dog parks where a pup can get exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. This article showcases some of the best off-leash dog parks in Highlands Ranch

Foreword About Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Highlands Ranch

Before we dive into the list of dog parks near Highlands Ranch, here are a few general reminders to make the most of your dog park visit!

  1. Don’t forget your waste bags - Make it a habit to carry spare waste bags so that you're well-stocked and maybe even have some available for sharing.
  2. Make sure to pick up after your pet - In Highlands Ranch, pet owners are required by law to tidy up after their pets in public areas.
  3. Bring sufficient water - Even at parks with drinking fountains, it's best to have water for you and your furry friend to stay hydrated. Some parks may have water available only during certain seasons.
  4. Pack a towel for your pup - A towel is handy for unexpected rain or visits to parks with puddles or sprinklers.
  5. Bring healthy treats - After energetic activities, your dog might get hungry. Don't forget nutritious treats! For homemade options, learn more from our article: How to Make Homemade Treats for Your Pup.
  6. Prioritize vaccinations for Fido - Up-to-date vaccinations are crucial for your dog's health. Vaccinations safeguard against diseases from other dogs and prevent contagious dog diseases from spreading.

→Check out our TUPP’s Guide on Dog Vaccines

  1. Assess your dog's readiness - Ensure your pup is leash-trained and reacts well to other dogs before heading to a dog park.
  2. Check advisories and reviews - Stay informed about a park's condition, crowds, and amenities through recent advisories and reviews.
  3. Be aware of separate areas for different dogs - Highlands Ranch has some dog parks with zones for different dog sizes and temperaments. If you think this feature is something your pup will benefit from, look for this feature in the following dog parks near Highlands Ranch!
A dog playing fetch in one of the dog parks near Highlands Ranch

Rover’s Run (at Redstone Park)

Location: 3280 Redstone Park Cir, Highlands Ranch, CO | Area: 6 acres

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Sand surface
  • Drinking fountain
  • Benches and picnic tables

Redstone Park is a popular destination for various outdoor activities; it has a skate park, tennis courts, a fishing pond, and more. The good news is that there’s something for Fido too! Nestled within the scenic expanse of Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch is Rover’s Run, one of the best dog parks in Highlands Ranch.  

Rover’s Run is a fully fenced enclosure spanning around 6 acres, providing ample space for running, playing, and socializing. The sandy terrain is well-liked by pet parents as it helps keep their fur baby’s paws clean. Sand is also ideal for digging and for providing cushion to running paws. 

Rover’s Run is also one of the dog parks in Highlands Ranch that are equipped with all the basic amenities that pups and pet parents need. Thirsty pups can get a drink from the drinking fountain and pet parents can rest on benches and picnic tables. 

Whether your loyal companion is a spirited sprinter or a gentle explorer, Rover's Run at Redstone Park promises a howling good time!

Hound Hill Dog Park (at Highland Heritage Regional Park)

Location: 9651 S Quebec St, Highlands Ranch, CO | Area: 3 acres

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Gravel and dirt surface
  • Drinking fountain
  • Benches and picnic tables

Highland Heritage Regional Park is a massive outdoor space in Highlands Ranch with various areas for outdoor activities. The park has ballfields, football fields, playgrounds, and concrete trails for everyone to enjoy. There is also an off-leash dog park called Hound Hill where dogs can run and play. 

Spanning 3 acres, Hound Hill offers an ample, fully-fenced space where dogs can run like the wind. The dog park has a number of trees that provide shade and contribute to the natural feel of the space. The terrain is dirt and gravel with grass growing in some areas. Unlike sand and pea gravel, this dirt and gravel terrain can get muddy after rain — however, for some, the natural experience amidst trees makes it worth it!

Hound Hill is one of the dog parks in Highlands Ranch that comes equipped with all the important dog park necessities. There is a drinking fountain for thirsty pups, as well as benches and picnic tables where pet parents can sit down while watching over their favorite canine companion!

All in all, this dog park's natural setting and ample space make it a popular destination for local dog owners. It’s definitely one of the best dog parks in Highlands Ranch.

A group of dogs playing in Hound Hill Dog Park, one of the best dog parks in Highlands Ranch
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Fido’s Field (at Foothills Park)

Location: 1042 Riddlewood Rd, Highlands Ranch, CO | Area: ~ 2 acres

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Dirt and gravel surface
  • Drinking fountain 
  • Benches

Foothills Park is a popular destination for sports and other outdoor activities. It features a community garden, picnic tables, a playground, and basketball courts. In addition, it also has a leash-free haven called Fido’s Field. 

Fido's Field at Foothills Park is one of the smaller dog parks in Highlands Ranch that’s featured on this list. However, spanning 2 acres, there is still plenty of room for dogs to exercise, play and run. Fido’s field is fully fenced with dirt and gravel terrain, which, as we’ve mentioned earlier can get muddy in rainy weather. Pet parents are advised to time their visits or to bring wipes for cleaning their pup’s paws.

Similar to other dog parks in Highlands Ranch that are featured here, Fido’s Field comes with much-needed basic amenities. There is a drinking fountain for pups and comfortable benches where pet parents can relax while watching over their fur babies and taking in the view. 

More than a dog park, Fido’s Field is a vibrant community hub that celebrates the cherished bond between humans and their furry companions! 

Chatfield Dog Park (at Chatfield State Park)

Location: 11500 N Roxborough Park Rd. Chatfield State Park. Littleton, CO | Area: ~70 acres 

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Multiple terrains
  • Pet-friendly off-leash paved and unpaved trails
  • Separate areas for smaller and larger dogs
  • Drinking fountains
  • Water access (two ponds)
  • Picnic tables

Though roughly a 20-minute drive from Highlands Ranch, Chatfield State Park is a sought-after destination for anyone who craves the great outdoors. Chatfield State Park welcomes hikers, boaters, picnickers, and horseback riders — whether they are locals from Littleton, residents from nearby areas, or tourists. And just as this state park is diverse in what it has to offer for visitors, Chatfield Dog Park is also a canine paradise with plenty for dogs to enjoy! 

Chatfield Dog Park is the DOLA (dog off-leash area) of Chatfield State Park. Spanning a whopping 70 acres, Chatfield Dog Park is one of the biggest dog parks near Highlands Ranch! The area is fully fenced — however, an expansive dog park like this is always best for dogs that have reliable recall and great off-leash training.  Featuring varied types of terrain, dirt paths, and paved trails, the experience at Chatfield Dog Park is a true adventure for pups and pet parents alike. There are also small ponds where dogs can cool down and take a refreshing dip. To keep the experience safe and fun for all, Chatfield Dog Park has a separate area for small dogs or dogs with a milder temperament. 

Chatfield Dog Park already has plenty to offer — and they didn’t forget the basics either. This dog park near Highlands Ranch has drinking fountains for pups and comfortable picnic tables for pet parents. 

To sum things up, Chatfield Dog Park is one of the best dog parks near Highlands Ranch because it is the perfect setting for Fido’s very own choose-your-adventure!

A dog training at Chatfield Dog Park, one of the best dog parks near Highlands Ranch
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Bark Park (at Wynetka Ponds) 

Location: 5875 S Lowell Blvd, Littleton, CO | Area: Unspecified

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Grassy terrain
  • Separate areas for smaller and larger dogs
  • Drinking fountains
  • Benches

Just 17 minutes from Highlands Ranch, Wynetka Ponds Park is a serene and inviting destination for lovers of fresh air and open spaces. It is home to Wynetka Pond and the Wynetka Loop, an easy, relaxed trail that spans 1.7 miles. The best part is that there is a dedicated space for your canine best friend too!

Wynetka Ponds Bark Park is a fully fenced dog park with grassy terrain. Though the dirt can get muddy after rain, it is perfect for pups that like to roll around in the grass, especially during the spring and summer seasons when the grass is at its most lush.  

Just like other dog parks near Highlands Ranch that are featured in this article, Wynetka Ponds Bark Park has the basics covered. There are drinking fountains for thirsty pups and benches where pet parents can comfortably sit and keep an eye on their fur baby. 

The tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty of Wynetka Ponds Park offer a peaceful escape for both dogs and their owners. It’s a great place to visit for both residents and people coming in from other areas!

David M. Sonka Dog Park

Location: 17855 Pine Ln, Parker, CO | Area: 5 acres

Special features: 

  • Fully fenced
  • Grassy terrain
  • Separate areas for smaller and larger dogs
  • An agility course
  • Drinking fountain
  • Picnic tables

Situated in the Town of Parker, just around 20 minutes from Highlands Ranch is an exciting dog park that both locals and visitors love. The David M. Sonka Dog Park is a thoughtfully laid-out off-leash area that caters to the needs of active dogs and their owners. The thoughtfulness of this dog park’s design is no surprise, considering the history of the dog park itself: it is named in honor of Colorado-born Corporal David M. Sonka, a devoted U.S. Marine and Military Dog  Handler, who served his country with passion, alongside his service dog, Flex.

The David M. Sonka Dog Park is fully fenced and features ample space (around 5 acres) for running and playing. One of the most exciting features of this dog park is the agility course, which helps dogs get a challenging and mentally stimulating exercise. The terrain is grassy and well-kept. There are also separate areas for small and large dogs, contributing to a safe and enjoyable experience for all pups. 

The David M. Sonka Dog Park also has all the basic amenities covered. There is a drinking fountain to quench the thirst of active pups and picnic tables where pet parents can relax. 

With its friendly atmosphere, meaningful history, and amenities that go above and beyond, the David M. Sonka Dog Park is truly one of the best dog parks near Highlands Ranch!

A dog parent and a dog at the David M. Sonka Dog Park’s agility course near Highlands Ranch
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Final Thoughts About The Best Dog Parks Near Highlands Ranch

This wraps up our list of the best dog parks in and near Highlands Ranch. Before exploring these destinations with Fido, make sure to stay on top of your pup’s vaccinations and parasite preventives against heartworm, intestinal worms in dogs, etc. These preventive care measures help combat the spread of contagious dog diseases while also protecting your canine best friend!

If you have questions about your furry companion’s health, we are here to help. Sploot Veterinary Care is a primary & urgent vet clinic in Highlands Ranch — with various other vet clinic locations across Denver. Our clinics are open 365 days a year, until 10 pm. 

Book an appointment easily online or through the Sploot Vets app. We also accept urgent-intakes. 

Till next time, we’re with you every pounce of the way!

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