Sploot Team
April 30, 2022

EVENT: Sploot x Chill Out Dog Training: Puppy Clinic 101

Calling all puppy parents! Sploot & Chill Out Dog Training are partnering to offer an *exclusive* puppy clinic to teach both puppy & parent.
Sploot partners with Chill Out Dog Training for a one-hour class to break down the basics of puppy training.

On Saturday, April 30 @ 9am, we will be hosting Chill Out Dog Training for a one hour class, where we will review basic obedience commands with effective treat luring, begin working on manners around dogs and people, and build the foundation of a loose leash walk. We’ll break down the skills to give you the knowledge and tools to begin refining obedience, improving manners, setting the stage for the walk, and troubleshooting any one-off behaviors. This is an exclusive event for friends of Sploot and Chill Out Dog Training! One hour sessions with Chill Out's' advanced trainers go for $275, so this is a steal! Reach out with any further questions or concerns, we are happy to help.