Does Sploot need my pet's past records before our appointment?

Yes, we do! We require your pet's past records to be sent over to our clinic PRIOR to your visit to ensure we can treat your pet safely and effectively. Please see below to learn which documents we require.

We DO need:

  • We need the most up to date vaccine records.
  • We need any and all previous records that pertain to concerns you want to go over with our doctors or pertaining to your pets health. (Example: X-rays, blood work, previous diagnoses, previous prescriptions.)

We DO NOT need:

  • We do not need any invoices from previous appointments - these invoices do not provide us with any of the details we need.
  • We do not need any outdated vaccine records;  for example if you have a rabies certificate for 2020 but also have a rabies certificate for 2021, we only need the most updated rabies certificate.

How to make sure Sploot receives my pets records prior to their appointment:

  • You can call your pet's previous veterinary clinic and ask for them to email ‘full medical records’ to Our team will make sure these records are uploaded to your pets file for all future visits. Some clinics can take up to 48 hours to send over these records so please call at least two days prior to your appointment.

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