Bladder Stone Removal

Bladder stone formation is common in both dogs and cats. Factors like age, diet, and genetics can make a pet more susceptible to this uncomfortable and potentially fatal health issue.

At Sploot, we have the expertise and technology to detect, locate, & remove bladder stones effectively. With our dedicated staff, extensive experience, and modern facilities, we ensure a stress-free experience for both pets and pet parents.

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Open 10am - 10pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and walk-ins welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.

Why Pets Get Bladder Stones

Typically made up of minerals (with struvite or oxalate being the most common), bladder stones can be a result of the following:

Liver disease
Untreated urinary
tract infection

Symptoms of Bladder Stones in Pets

Abdominal pain
Difficulty urinating
Frequent Urination
Blood in the urine

Why Bladder Stone Removal is Done

Bladder stones produce a number of symptoms that cause dogs and cats pain. Furthermore, if left untreated, bladder stones can obstruct the urethra, meaning the dog or cat will not be able to get urine out — a life threatening condition. The good news is that bladder stones in pets are highly treatable.

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What to Expect During Bladder Stone Removal

Before the Operation:
Diagnosis & Pre-Operative Preparation

Your pet will undergo a pre-operative appointment/s which includes the following: 
A full physical exam is done (including blood work) to ensure your pet is medically fit for surgery.
Imaging tests (e.g. X-rays, ultrasonic bladder imaging, or radiographic contrast imaging) may be used to see the sizes and locations of the bladder stones.
The veterinarian will give instructions as to when to stop feeding your pet on the night before the operation. (However, you can continue giving your pet water at all times).
The veterinarian will orient you about the procedure itself and discuss any post-operative care that your pet may need.

During the Operation

After you drop off your pet on the day of the surgery, they will stay with us until the procedure is done. We will also give them a quiet place to recover from anesthesia.
Throughout the procedure, our team will send live updates which include text, photos, and videos. You’ll be kept informed about your furry friend’s progress.

After the Operation

Once it’s time to pick up your furry friend, we will let you know. Before you check out, our team will review your pet’s treatment plan with you and provide the medications needed.


How long do bladder stone removal surgeries take?

On average, a bladder stone removal surgery takes around an hour or less. This time may extend depending on how many bladder stones need to be removed.

Does my pet need a pre-surgical consultation?

Yes. A pre-op appointment is required to ensure a safe and successful bladder stone removal surgery. During this appointment, our veterinarians will also set expectations regarding the procedure and the post-operative care that your pet will need.

Does bladder stone removal surgery have any complications?

A majority of bladder stone removal surgeries go smoothly. However, all types of surgery have potential complications. It is common for urine to be slightly tinged with blood for a few days after bladder stone removal. If you are uncertain whether the color of your pet’s urine is normal or if you see blood clots, reach out to our team. You can also reach out if you observe other concerning changes to your pet’s surgical site.

Any and all questions are welcome. Our team is always ready to respond.

Can bladder stones be prevented?

This depends on the type of stones your pet has. After the first removal of stones, the veterinarian will be able to run tests on the stones to confirm the type of stones and next steps forward.

Prevention may consist of altered diets, antibiotics, etc. In some cases, stones may simply be due to genetics — and your veterinarian may prescribe a preventive approach to detect (possibly recurring) bladder stones early.

How much does my pet’s surgery cost?

The cost of a bladder stone removal depends on the extent of the procedure. We offer fully transparent pricing upon diagnosing your pet’s bladder stone problem. Learn more today by reaching out to our team!

Does Sploot Veterinary Care accept pet insurance?

If bladder stone removals are covered in your pet’s insurance, you may be able to file for a reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Different pet insurance plans offer different scopes of coverage. If you would like to clarify if bladder stone removals are covered by your pet’s insurance, please contact your provider.

When can I schedule my pet for surgical consultation at  Sploot Vets?

You can choose to schedule an appointment with Sploot Vets months, weeks, or days in advance. We also accept same-day appointments and walk-ins!

What payment options are available in Sploot Vets?

For the safety of our clients and our clinics, we accept only cashless payments. All major credit and debit cards, along with CareCredit and ScratchPay, are accepted.

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