Welcome to SplootRX

Discover the convenience of SplootRx, your go-to online store for pet care essentials. Select your preferred Sploot location to access our extensive range of pet medications, food, and supplements, all available for direct delivery to your home.


How do I find my SplootRx online store?

To locate your SplootRx, simply visit our website and choose the 'Store' option. Then, select your city and the Sploot location you usually visit for pet care. This will guide you to the online store associated with your local Sploot clinic, offering a tailored shopping experience.

Can I check the status of my online order at SplootRx?

Absolutely! Check your order status by logging into your SplootRx account or through the Sploot app. You'll receive detailed updates about the progress and delivery status of your orders.

How do I update my payment method for purchases at SplootRx?

Updating your payment method is easy. Just access your account settings on SplootRx or via the Sploot app. There, you can securely add, remove, or change your payment details.

Is it possible to request a prescription refill online at SplootRx?

Yes, you can request prescription refills directly through SplootRx  or the Sploot app. Ensure your pet's prescription is current and select the refill option to smoothly process your order.

Are the products sold at SplootRx different from those available in-clinic?

SplootRx offers a wider selection than our in-clinic stores. While maintaining the same high-quality standards, the online store features a more extensive range of prescription medications, food, and over-the-counter products, many of which might not be available in-clinic due to space limitations. This broader variety helps us better cater to your pet's comprehensive care needs.

What are the benefits of ordering through SplootRx?

Ordering from SplootRx means you receive products directly from the manufacturer, along with the convenience of shopping from home. This service is backed by the expertise and support of your trusted Sploot veterinarians.

How does shipping work for orders from SplootRx?

When you place an order at SplootRx, your products are shipped right to your doorstep. We provide options for same or next-day delivery based on product availability and your location. Our goal is to ensure prompt and safe delivery of your pet care items, though shipping times may vary depending on product type and destination.

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