Urgent Vet Care & Sick Visits in Denver

Sploot Veterinary Care is a reliable urgent care vet, accepting urgent medical cases and sick visits for Denver dogs and cats — 365 days a year, with extended vet clinic hours daily. 

See a vet promptly: choose from same-day appointments OR urgent drop-offs.

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Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent-intakes welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.
Open 8am-8pm, 365 days a year... same day appointments and urgent-intakes welcome!
Primary and urgent care, under one roof.
Easily book online or text us.
Modern, warm clinics with unlimited free treats.
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Does Your Pet Need Urgent Vet Care?

Not sure if your pet needs to see an urgent care vet? Call our Veterinary Tele-Triage for assistance! Our trained team can triage cases over the phone and provide tips on transporting your pet to the nearest Sploot urgent vet care clinic.

Pet Illnesses & Urgent Vet Care Cases We Handle

Our urgent vet care clinics treat common pet illneses in dogs and cats — as well as injuries or symptoms requiring veterinary urgent care in Chicago.

 Our Chicago vet clinics are fully equipped to treat more than 95% of pet emergencies and urgent cases handled in 24/7 Chicago pet ERs.

  • Cuts, abrasions, & lacerations
  • Paw wounds, concrete burns
  • Broken toe nails
  • Bite wounds
  • Sprains or fractures
  • Injury or trauma

Opt for a same-day appointment — or schedule your primary pet care appointment days or weeks in advance. We offer seamless online booking, as well as in-app booking straight from your phone!

In addition, our Pet Parent Concierge is available via text, call, or in-app chat, ready to answer your questions and take care of your primary vet care needs.

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One of the reasons why fur babies love Sploot: we use fear-free methods (AND FREE TREATS from the treat bar) to make every dog and cat feel like a VIP (very important pet)!

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We tailor primary vet care to each dog and cat, considering breed tendencies, age-specific requirements, and various other factors. On top of that, with the Sploot Vets mobile app serving as your mobile assistant for pet parenting, you'll receive helpful reminders for routine preventative pet health measures and more!

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Urgent Vet Care Cases & Pet Illnesses We Handle

Along with treating common pet illnesses, our team and vet clinic facilities in Denver are equipped to handle more than 95% of urgent vet care cases seen in 24/7 Denver pet ERs for a fraction of the cost. From physical injuries to sudden symptoms, here are common cases we stabilize and treat: 

  • Sprains or fractures
  • Paw wounds, concrete burns
  • Injury or trauma
  • Bite wounds
  • Cuts, abrasions, & lacerations
  • Broken toe nails
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Unexplained aggression or restlessness
  • Runny nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Anal glands - scooting

Need guidance on a pet illness or urgent vet care?

Our tele-triage is here to help!

What Sets Our Denver Urgent Care Services Apart

We provide top-of-the-line care for pets that are sick, injured, or suffering from sudden concerning symptoms.

Our vet clinics treat more than 95% of urgent vet care cases seen in 24/7 vet ERs  — with minimized wait times, utmost convenience, and competitive pricing with an $88 exam fee

A caring veterinarian comforting a dog by holding its paw while offering a treat.

Veterinary Tele-Triage: The First Step to Timely Care

Call our veterinary tele-triage to arrange a sick visit or urgent care vet visit. Our team will triage the case over the phone and direct you to the best Sploot Denver vet clinic with minimal wait times — while also matching you with an in-house vet specialist, if needed for your case. 

A caring veterinarian comforting a dog by holding its paw while offering a treat.

2 Options, The Same Top-Notch Urgent Vet Care

Our vet tele-triage will arrange either a same-day appointment or an urgent drop-off for your pet, depending on your needs and preferences.

A caring veterinarian comforting a dog by holding its paw while offering a treat.

Same-Day Appointment for Urgent Care

Bring your pet to Sploot and be received immediately. 
Please call our tele-triage so that we can prepare to administer immediate care the moment you and your pet arrive at our urgent care vet clinic in Denver.

Urgent Drop-Offs

Sploot’s urgent drop-offs are a convenient option for busy days; drop off your dog or cat for a sick visit or urgent care vet appointment. You can trust our team to treat your pet even if you need to step out.

Secure Drop-Off & Prompt Evaluation:

After calling our tele-triage, we will arrange a quick and secure drop-off. Our team will prioritize your pet’s needs immediately; conducting an expert medical assessment upon your pet’s arrival. 

Continuous Communication:

Stay informed with regular updates and have involvement in every treatment decision.

Delivering Reliable Care with Extended Hours & Partnerships

Although Sploot Vets does NOT operate 24/7, our urgent care vet clinics in Denver operate on extended hours, maximizing our availability for pet parents. 

In cases where pet hospitalization is required, we are partnered with a variety of animal hospitals, enabling us to give seamless referrals after stabilizing and treating a pet’s urgent condition.]

A caring veterinarian comforting a dog by holding its paw while offering a treat.

Affordable Urgent Care Vet in Denver

With our experienced team and fully equipped vet clinics, we effectively address more than 95% of urgent vet care cases and pet emergencies for a fraction of the cost of 24/7 vet ERs — with all of our exam fees at just $88.

A caring veterinarian comforting a dog by holding its paw while offering a treat.

Bring Your Pet to Sploot’s Denver Urgent Vet Care Clinics 


Is urgent vet care the same as emergency care?

Urgent vet care addresses medical cases requiring immediate attention within the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, emergency vet care is vital for life-threatening crises like loss of consciousness, severe trauma, and anaphylaxis.

Sploot clinics can treat more than 95% of cases seen in 24/7 vet ERs, encompassing a majority of urgent care cases — as well as common pet emergencies.

Not sure if your pet requires urgent care? Contact our Tele-Triage for further guidance.

What is the process for an urgent pet care or sick visit? 

An urgent pet care or sick visit at Sploot typically involves a medical examination, diagnostic testing, and treatment recommendations. 

In cases when pets need specialist care, we will be able to assist in managing pain and stabilizing the pet before referring them to a specialist. 

How long will my urgent vet care appointment or sick visit take?

The duration of an urgent care or sick visit can vary based on the condition of the dog or cat and the necessary treatment.

What should I bring with me to my urgent care vet visit?

If you're a Sploot client, we have your pet's medical history on file, so you don't need to bring anything. For new clients, bringing any available medical records is recommended (but not required) for us to treat your pet.

Will my pet need to stay overnight after an urgent care visit?

Whether your pet needs overnight monitoring depends on how severe their condition is. Sploot patients requiring overnight care will be transferred to an emergency hospital.

Do fractures or injuries require urgent vet care?

Fractures and soft tissue injuries require urgent care. If you suspect your pet has sustained such injuries and you're considering bringing them to Sploot’s urgent care vet clinic in Denver, reach out to us.

By calling ahead, our team can make necessary preparations for your visit. Additionally, it allows us to offer guidance on safely transporting an injured pet.

Is diarrhea or vomiting an urgent care case?

Should a pet endure vomiting or diarrhea persistently for over 12 hours, immediate attention from an urgent care vet is required.

Is fever an urgent care case?

The typical body temperature range for dogs and cats falls between 99.5 and 102.5º F. Any temperature exceeding these limits is indicative of a fever.

As a basic guideline, fevers persisting beyond 24 hours necessitates attention from an urgent care vet in Denver.

What do I do if I suspect my pet has eaten a toxic substance?

Should your furry friend accidentally ingest harmful substances like xylitol, chocolate, marijuana products, antifreeze, rat poison, or any other dangerous toxins, this counts as an urgent care case or pet emergency. 

Contact the Pet Poison Helpline or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

It's strongly advised to promptly bring pets suspected of poisoning directly to one of Sploot’s urgent care vet clinics in Denver or other available emergency facilities. In cases of poisoning, time is of the essence as there is only a narrow window to induce vomiting and mitigate harm.

What payment options are available in Sploot Vets Denver?

To ensure the safety of our clients and maintain security in our Denver vet clinics, we exclusively process cashless payments. 

We readily accept all major credit and debit cards — as well as payment options like CareCredit and ScratchPay.

Does Sploot Veterinary Care -Denver accept pet insurance?

If the urgent vet care treatment is covered in your pet insurance, you can file for a reimbursement.

Keep in mind that pet insurance coverages differ. We advise Denver pet parents to check with their pet insurance provider for any clarifications on coverage.

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Got Questions About Urgent Vet Care? We’re Here for You

Whether you are uncertain if your pet needs to see an urgent care vet in Denver or you’d like to book an appointment, we’re here to help!

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